S3632C Portable Stage W/Carpet By National Public Seating
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S3632C Portable Stage W/Carpet By National Public Seating 36"W x 96"L x 32"H

With the new line of stages and seated risers by National Public Seating, this new line of products fills the needs of assembly requirements and performance applications. Whether your venue requires single height portable stages, multiple levels, or entire stage configuration, these stages provide affordable prices, quick ship and superior craftsmanship to provide you with the best value.

Built with sturdy 16 guage steel frames and a premium grade plywood core, these carpeted or hardboard stages are both durable and portable. Stage legs are made with 14 guage tubular steel and outfitted with spring-loaded easy to open/close support brackets, allowing them to be easily opened/closed for quick set-up and safe use. For safety, it is strongly reccomended that guard rails be used with all stages.

  • Sturdy 16 gauge steel frame channels support deck
  • Deck constructed from solid laminated plywood core for optimum durability
  • Fold and store in less than 2" in height when stacked
  • Units set up very quickly
  • Drop-in couplings for joining together many, same-sized stages
  • Standard Black metal finish
  • Available in carpet (C) or hardboard deck (H) style and in various sizes
  • Ships completely assembled
  • 10 Year Warrenty

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  • Item #: S3632C
  • Condition: New

S3632C Portable Stage W/Carpet By National Public Seating

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