Wharton Lectern w/Keyboard Drawer
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Wharton Lectern w/Keyboard Drawer


General Information
Wharton Lecterns are built of the highest quality materials and utilize proven electrical and mechanical components. The lecterns are tested to rigorous ANSI/BIFMA X5.5 1998 standards for desking products. Testing under this desk category assures a thorough examination of stability, structural integrity, and includes cyclic testing on all moving components.

The metal components of Wharton Lecterns are powder coated for superior appearance and durability. All plastic and fiberglass components are color matched in accordance with the KI color program.

Detailed Specifications

Height Adjustment
Wharton Lecterns are height adjustable through a range of 37.5" to 47". The lecterns easily accommodate a female in the 5th percentile of the height range up to a 95th percentile male. The lecterns have a lifting capacity of 75 pounds, and lift at a rate of 1.4" per second.

Adjustment is accomplished by the push of a button, which is conveniently located on the presenter side. A 24V DC electric motor drives a lifting mechanism concealed inside of the lectern. Each mechanism is comprised of a steel acme threaded rod turning through a delrin lead nut. The delrin nut ensures silent operation, low friction, and excellent wear characteristics. The acme rod delivers a lifting force to the underside of the podium basin. Precision needle roller bearings provide a smooth, quiet interface between the rotating acme rods and the podium basin.

Lectern Top
Lectern tops are constructed of 1" thick frosted acrylic (Plexiglass ™). The acrylic has a P95 finish, which provides scratch resistance, a clean-able surface, and a high tech look. The organic top shape is 21.6" deep by 31.8" wide. Flush-mounted into the top are two ¼" thick recessed doors. These doors, which have the same finish as the top, can be slid open to expose a touchscreen control panel (sold separately by Crestron™), a storage tray, or additional writing space. When the doors are slid open, the top measures 47.8" wide. A sculpted aluminum pencil rail is located at the bottom of each door and provides a convenient "grab here" feature.

Lectern Basin
The basin of the lectern is constructed of 3/16" thick fiberglass and painted to match metal components. The basin provides support to the acrylic top and houses the control panel or storage tray. It also houses the optional keyboard tray, the technology well, and the adjustment motor and controller.

Lectern Column
The column of the lectern is an assembly of components. The outermost shrouds are formed out of 18 ga sheet steel, with perforations for visual appeal. The bottom shroud can be slid upwards to allow limited access to the wiring that connects the lectern to a floorbox. All shrouds can be completely removed to allow wiring of additional technology.

A power module with two simplex plugs is located on the front shroud (speaker side). This power module provides a convenient location to plug in any presentation hardware.

Inside the shrouds is a telescoping frame assembly. This frame is comprised of two 3" diameter x 14 gage steel tubes that are welded to a steel foot. Two 2-5/8" x 16 gage steel tubes telescope inside the 3" outer tubes. Nylon bushings ensure a smooth, telescopic action between the tubes.

Lectern Base
The base is machined out of 5/8" thick steel, which provides strength and stability to the lectern. The crescent shape provides excellent stability while allowing plenty of clearance for the speaker's feet.

Technology Well
The technology well is a 3" x 12" x 12" dp tapered repository for management of power and data cables. The well is accessible via a hinged door in the acrylic top. It features one simplex power outlet and plenty of room to store a laptop cord, including the power transformer. Any additional lan/data/vga cables can be routed up from the floorbox and into the technology well, where the presenter can easily access them in order to plug into a laptop.

The well is constructed of 16 ga sheet steel. The door is machined out of 1" thick acrylic, and matches the top in material and finish. The door has a steel lip, which enables it to engage with a magnetic latch. There is a ½" relief that allows the cords to be routed from the well while the door is closed.

Cupholder and Shelf
Wharton Lecterns are equipped with two shelves that store below the basin and swing out for use. The shelves are both made of aluminum, and powdercoated for durability. The shelf on the right side features a recessed pocket for holding mugs or miscellaneous items (keys, laser pointer, etc). The shelf on the lift side has features a cupholder with a formed wire basket for holding large glasses.

The microphone is a high quality gooseneck microphone from ShureÒ (model MX412/C). The microphone is installed into the acrylic top and isolated via a shock mount. The ShureÒ microphone features high sensitivity and balanced, transformerless output for maximum immunity to electromagnetic hum and RF interference, even over long cable runs (cable not included).

The light is a high quality, low voltage gooseneck lamp from LittliteÒ (model MX412/C). This model features a 5W dimmable bulb on a 12" gooseneck. The light is factory installed to the acrylic top and wired into the powerstrip inside the lectern.

Drop-In Storage Tray
The storage tray comes standard with every lectern. It is used in cases where a Crestron monitor is not purchased, and simply drops into the opening beneath the sliding doors. The storage tray is made of vacuum-formed ABS sheet, 3/16" thick. The tray measures 13.5" wide x 12" high. The depth varies from 1" to 2.8" so that a laptop placed in the tray will rest at a comfortable keying angle.

Acrylic Insert
The insert comes standard with every lectern. It is used in situations where the presenter wants the maximum amount of surface space instead of a Crestron monitor or the storage tray. The acrylic insert measures 14.5" wide x 13.7" high and is ¼" thick. It is placed in the opening created when the doors are fully opened and gives the presenter additional space to write or lay down materials.

Crestron Control Panel
The lectern top is designed to accept a Crestron control panel V15. Crestron can be reached at (201) 767-3400 or visit their website (www.Crestron.com) to find the dealer nearest you. The Crestron Control Panel features a 15" diagonal touch-sensitive LCD display offering bright, crispXGA resolution and true-to-life color. With both graphics and video, full screen or in multiple windows, it produces a beautiful high resolution picture

The unique modular design allows users to upgrade capabilities in the field simply by installing the expansion cards for RGB graphics, video or Internet communications. With up to 96MB of memory and 70 mips performance, graphics load and display in real time, even when multi-tasking. Audio capabilities include built-in microphone, two stereo speakers, amplifier, mixer, and the ability to play stored WAV files.
But the real power of the Crestron Isys system is its universal connectivity, with open architecture that brings the world under your control. Isys runs end-to-end on worldwide standard Internet Protocol and operates at 10/100 BaseT. With 100% pure, native IP and blazing fast transmission speed, the system runs clean, fast and efficiently.

Isys is a true global touchpanel control system, operating numerous devices and linking to multiple control systems anywhere in the world via the Internet. In a lectern, it replaces video and computer monitors, and a touchpanel, with a single easy-to-use device. So presenters can monitor both script and visuals, and control the room, while the audience sees only the presentation itself on the large screen.


Dimension W 31.8-47.8" D 21.6" H 37.5 to 47"

Colors available: Black / Bronze Metallic / Starlight Metallic / Champagne Metallic

Lead-Time 5-7 Weeks

Video Link: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=SsajMM0S11Q

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Wharton Lectern w/Keyboard Drawer

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