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LCD Digital Display Lectern JP4 Metal Truss - FREE SHIPPING!

Product Description
$949.00 $1,250.00


The top dimensions are 16"x 30" but the base is larger at 24"x 30" to stabilize the additional weight of the screen.
It comes with a universal mounting system to accept any 42"or 43” +/- screen.  The customer will need the appropriate hardware to attach screen to the podium. Some customers are using Pioneer 43” screens but generally any 42” or 43” +/- model will work as long as it has a straight bottom which fits these dimensions  23 1/4” by 41 1/8” for the outside dimensions of the screen.  There is a little bit of margin with these dimensions.

Select Optional Monitor at $850.00.

43" Black Monitor Full HD Signage Display with Built-In Speakers.

The height of the top from the floor is 43" on the low end and 45" on the high end.  Upright is fabricated out of aluminum and is welded for strong long lasting wear.  Color option denotes only the upright piece.  All tops and bases are in black.  Upright pieces are in welded aluminum and receive a powder coat finish.

The weight on this unit will vary based on the screen but the podium itself weighs around 50 Lbs.

Top Dimensions: 30"W x 16"D

Base Dimensions: 30"W x 24"D

Height: 45"H (Audience Side), 43"H (Speaker Side0

Weight: Approximately 50 Lbs without screen.

Assembly Instructions:

  1. Bolt pack for attaching the top and base are found along with 2 TV brackets in the shipping box with the upright stand.
  2. Attach the base to the upright stand with the large nuts and bolts. If the upright stand is silver, have the bolt come through the underside so that the silver nut is on the top side so that it matches the upright stand.  If the upright stand is black, do the opposite and have the nut on the underside.  Tighten so that it is snug.  Do not over-tighten.
  3. Attach the top to the stand with the countersink Allen bolts. It is preferable to tighten with an Allen wrench with a stationary nut as opposed to holding the bolt stationary and tightening the nut. This prevents the nut from scraping the finish off the upright.
  4. You will need to provide nuts and bolts for mounting the TV to the upright stand. TV’s come with bolts to mount the TV to a base/stand.  Use those bolts with an appropriate sized washer to mount the bracket to the Podium.  You can use any bolts that you have to mount the rack & TV to the upright stand.

Travel Case Option Specifications:

Case Dimensions:  47.25" x 26.25" x 32"

Weight: 55 Lbs.

.125 Poly Telescoping Poly Case

Comes with Wheels for Easy Transport

Foam Interior

Approximate lead time on Travel Case is 2 weeks from receipt of order. Lead times are subject to change without notice due to production schedule.

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