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S1460 International AC Adapter Recharger

Product Description
$68.50 $138.00

High Output International AC Adapter/Recharger

This is our high output AC Adapter for all AmpliVox 50 Watt Multimedia Amp equipped sound systems.  It supplies high output for powerful sound and recharges the S1465 Rechargeable battery. Replenish your power!

Automatically senses and adjusts for AC 110 to 240 volts, 50 or 60 Hz. This unit powers the amplifier directly, or recharges the optional S1465 NiCad Battery Pack when installed in the amplifier. For use outside North America, the world-standard IEC 3-pin socket accepts a locally obtained AC power cord with compatible wall plug. 15-volt center positive, 2 amps, 71/2 ft cord. For all AmpliVox 50 watt multimedia amp sound systems.

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