A Podium Is The Perfect Solution For A Employee Check-In Station

Are you in charge of developing and implementing a safe office or work environment amid the coronavirus pandemic?

If so, does it include employee daily temperature checks, healthcare checks for symptoms.  Also, handing out masks, face (safety) shields, gloves, hand sanitizer, disinfecting agents and copies of safety guidelines.

Have you designated an area as an employee check-in station for this purpose? If you answered, Yes to the above questions; Do you want to keep these items at the check-in station? If the answer is Yes, again; then a podium is the perfect solution.

Podiums have a reading surface area to put your record/log books for contact tracing, a shelf or shelves and/or storage area with doors to keep temperature check equipment, masks, face (safety) shields, gloves, hand sanitizer, disinfecting agents, safety guidelines and any other safety equipment that may be needed or required.

These are just a sample of our podiums that would be ideal for this type of application.

  1. LCKDSDWSBK, Closed Cabinet Restaurant Host Station.

Closed Cabinet Restaurant Host Station in Black or Mahogany

  1. GSL, Oklahoma Sound Greystone Lectern.

Greystone Lectern GSL Oklahoma Sound

  1. 910/901, Oklahoma Sound Versatile & Portable Non-Sound Lectern.

Non Sound Lectern 910/901 Oklahoma Sound Versatile & Portable

View our website at www.podiumsdirect.com to see which podium may be right for you.

Stay Safe and Healthy.

I appreciate you reading this blog.

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