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Break Away From The Traditional …. Podium or Lectern 0

Isn’t It time to break away from the traditional looking podium or lectern with a sleek alternative?

Modern and contemporary podiums are a dynamic and aesthetically pleasing alternative to the traditional podium or lectern.

With their bold design and clean lines these highly functional and versatile podiums make them perfect for any church, business, schools, and other venues.

Other features of these lecterns are durability, lightweight and convenient.

VH1, Contemporary Lectern and Podium VH1 Standard Aluminum Lectern.

Contemporary Lecterns and Podium VH1 Standard Aluminum Lectern

CS1, Contemporary Lectern and Podium CS1 Aluminum Lectern.

Contemporary Lectern and Podium CS1 Aluminum Lectern

H2, Contemporary Lectern and Podium H2 Standard Aluminum Lectern.

Contemporary Lectern and Podium H2 Standard Aluminum Lectern

They are sure to add style to your presentation.

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  • Mark Korte

Military Podium An Important Fixture 0


Have you ever thought of how the military (Armed Forces), which include Army, Navy, Air Force, Marines and Coast Guard get their orders and information to defend the citizens of the USA and in peace time to answer the call to immediate needs in a disaster or emergency situations? From a podium.

The podium or lectern is an important fixture you will see on many military (Armed Forces) bases in this country.

One may ask the question, what does the military use a podium or lectern for?

You may already know that the Armed Forces find them useful for honoring troops and veterans, recruiting, training sessions, briefings, lectures and conducting troop information.

But, did you know podium use in the military has many more functions, such as:

Military Graduation – where guest speakers give speeches to the graduates and often graduates are recognized from it.

Also, a lectern is present in Deployment Homecomings, Promotions, Retirement or Acknowledgement of an Honorable Career Ceremonies.

Military Balls – have a podium or lectern available where speeches are made, and presentations given.

So whatever use or ceremony your military base has for a podium, we have a style that will fit your requirements.

PDROY, Handcrafted Solid Hardwood Lectern Royal

Handcrafted Solid Hardwood Lectern Royal

PDSPA, Handcrafted Solid Hardwood Lectern Spartan

 Handcrafted Solid Hardwood Lectern Spartan

DVP2627-BB, LCD Digital Display Down View Computer Lectern

LCD Digital Display Lectern DVP2627-BB Down View Computer

Integrator, Contemporary Lectern and Podium Integrator

Contemporary Lectern and Podium Integrator

See our website at www.podiumsdirect.com for all our styles of podiums and lecterns.

Thank you for reading and Thanks to all our Service People for your Service to this country.

If you know someone in the Armed Forces that may need a podium, please pass this blog on to them.

  • Mark Korte

How Has The Economic Shortages Affected The Production Of Podiums, Lecterns And Other Church Furnishings 0

We have all heard of the economic shortages in the United States by television news channels, radio, and social media platforms.

You may ask how does this affect podiums, lecterns, and church furnishings? 

As you might have guessed the economic shortages of lumber (wood), acrylic, metals, packing material, etc., along with labor shortages and the continuation of the Covid Pandemic has had an impact on lead times of our wood, wood and acrylic, acrylic and metal lecterns, podiums, and other church furnishings.

With that being said, lead times that were once 6 – 8 weeks are now 8 – 10 or even 10 – 12 weeks depending on the item.

Our production facilities are working very hard with their material suppliers to get materials in a timely manner, but often there is a delay in getting them.

Also, at this writing our production facilities are short on work force. Much of which is due to the risk of Covid and it’s Delta variant infection, Federal and/or State Unemployment Insurance Benefits have made people less motivated to work and with many schools still closed parents have childcare issues.

Recent studies show the U.S. is 10 million jobs short.

Our facilities are actively trying to recruit skilled workers, so they can keep up with the demand of orders and bring down lead times.

Many of our imported products are out of stock, due to shipping constraints or delays in their arrival and unloading issues at ports across the U.S., like California and New York.

So, what is Podiums Direct doing in regards to these issues?

  • We are keeping customers informed with the most current shipping dates that our production facilities give us for their orders.
  • Working with our production facilities for weekly updates of orders.
  • Posting new lead times on our website for products.

We Thank You for your patience and understanding as we work through these economic challenges.    

  • Mark Korte

Activities And Programs At A Senior Living, Assisted Living Or Nursing Home Require A Podium Or Lectern 0

Senior Living, Assisted Living and Nursing Homes used to be stark, yet dreary facilities with hardly, if any activities for its residents.

Turn the page to today and you will find that Senior Living, Assisted Living and even Nursing Home facilities are the opposite of that.

These establishments have a resort style feel and may offer wellness centers, swimming pool(s), a beauty parlor, community rooms, outdoor spaces, and other amenities to support the varying interest of its residents.

Along with the amenities comes activities and programs for the residents to get involved in.

Some of these activities and programs may require a podium or lectern, such as:

  • Educational and Wellness lectures
  • In-House Worship Services
  • Tenant Meetings
  • Old Time Radio Shows
  • Guest Speakers
  • Poetry Readings
  • Programs Honoring Veterans
  • Memorial Day Programs
  • And Much More

Regardless of the type of activities or programs, we have a podium or lectern to fit your facility.

PDSPA, Handcrafted Solid Hardwood Lectern Spartan

Handcrafted Solid Hardwood Lectern Spartan

HOPE, Non-Sound Lectern “The Hope”

Non Sound Lectern "The Hope"

ZED, Sound Lectern ZED Oklahoma Sound. Color: Black

 Sound Lectern ZED Oklahoma Sound. Color: Black

1ALVH1D, Contemporary Lecterns and Podium VH1 Deluxe Aluminum Lectern

Contemporary Lecterns and Podium VH1 Deluxe Aluminum Lectern

A podium or lectern will help you create programs that will stimulate the minds by improving cognition and have healthy well being benefits to your residents.

Venture into our website at www.podiumsdirect.com to see all we have to offer.

I hope you found this blog useful and helpful.  Thanks again for your loyal readership.

  • Mark Korte

Quality And Value In A Podium 0

Can you have both Quality and Value in one podium? Yes!

Quality is not just reserved for high end/expensive podiums. Quality can be affordable.

We have quality podiums and lecterns at great values, that will fit into any church, school, or business environment.

Quality and value in a podium or lectern aren’t resigned to any one style. There are many styles including modern, contemporary, and traditional.

Reviews from our customers show that Quality and Value can be affordable.

“I absolutely love it!! The quality is amazing!!”

            SN3196  Link: https://podiumsdirect.com/collections/contemporary-acrylic-and-aluminum-podiums/products/sn3196-arc-acrylic-truss-lectern

Metal Truss Arc Lectern with Acrylic Top SN3196

“The podium is beautiful. The craftsmanship is amazing. The company that delivered it went above and beyond. Everything about the experience was first class amazing.”

            NO 810W Link: https://podiumsdirect.com/collections/church-wood-pulpits/products/no-810w-wing-lectern-podium-pulpit-free-shipping

Church Wood Pulpit Wing NO 810W

“This is a very high-quality podium, and unlike other distributors, this one come assembled. I have never seen anything packed as well as this item was. 100% satisfied customer.”

            ACRALM Link: https://podiumsdirect.com/products/acrylic-post-podium-free-shipping


Acrylic Lectern with Post

“Superb workmanship and excellent service.”

            NC41/NC41G Link: https://podiumsdirect.com/collections/glass-pulpits-and-communion-tables/products/prestige-glass-elegance-communion-table-nc41-nc41g-free-ship

Glass Communion Table NC41/NC41G Prestige Elegance

      NC10/N10G Link: https://podiumsdirect.com/collections/glass-pulpits-and-communion-tables/products/prestige-glass-foundation-pulpit-nc10-nc10g-free-shipping

Glass Pulpit NC10/NC10G Prestige FOUNDATION

In conclusion buying Quality and Value saves you time and you don’t have to break the bank on it.

Visit our website at www.podiumsdirect.com for all our quality podiums and lecterns.

Thanks for your interest in my blogs.

  • Mark Korte

Can A Podium Or Lectern Benefit A PTA or PTO? 0

Whether your school belongs to a PTA (Parent Teacher Association) or a PTO (Parent Teacher Organization) they both can benefit by having a podium or lectern.

First, both organizations have the same goal, which is strengthening the schools and improving students educational experience.

How is this done? This is where the podium or lectern can benefit the PTA or PTO. These organization often address or speak to communities, local, state or national government agencies or groups or other organizations on concerns and problems affecting schools and students.

Also, by talking to parents and the public to get involved in the public school system.

A podium or lectern can also play a role in other activities that the PTA or PTO sponsor, such as; education clubs, programs like: healthy lifestyle and food choices and school and digital safety, events and fundraisers.

You may ask how do I find a podium or lectern for my PTA or PTO?

Go to our website at www.podiums direct.com to see all  our styles from traditional to contemporary.

We are sure to have one that fits your organizations style and needs.

Sending out a big Thank You for all who read this blog.  Pass it on.

  • Mark Korte