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Can A Podium Or Lectern Benefit A PTA or PTO? 0

Whether your school belongs to a PTA (Parent Teacher Association) or a PTO (Parent Teacher Organization) they both can benefit by having a podium or lectern.

First, both organizations have the same goal, which is strengthening the schools and improving students educational experience.

How is this done? This is where the podium or lectern can benefit the PTA or PTO. These organization often address or speak to communities, local, state or national government agencies or groups or other organizations on concerns and problems affecting schools and students.

Also, by talking to parents and the public to get involved in the public school system.

A podium or lectern can also play a role in other activities that the PTA or PTO sponsor, such as; education clubs, programs like: healthy lifestyle and food choices and school and digital safety, events and fundraisers.

You may ask how do I find a podium or lectern for my PTA or PTO?

Go to our website at www.podiums direct.com to see all  our styles from traditional to contemporary.

We are sure to have one that fits your organizations style and needs.

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Amplify Your Voice To Make A Powerful Presentation With A Sound Podium Or Lectern 0

Podiums that have a built-in sound system are called Sound Lecterns or Podiums.

They amplify a speaker’s voice to make an effective and powerful presentation in any convention center, auditorium, school gymnasium, church, or many other venues.

Sound lecterns can reach small (less than 900 people) to large (2,000 + people) audiences depending on the model and they project clear, clean, intelligible sound.

They are functional, elegant and can be ready in minutes for a presentation.

Sound lecterns and podiums come with a host of unique features, such as; large reading surface, shelf and/or shelves, casters, amplifier, speaker(s), microphone (handheld and/or wireless depending on models), connecters – inputs and outputs, controls, wire management grommets (depending on models).

So, if you need a podium that is attractive and will project your voice while making a presentation, then a sound lectern or podium is right for you.

            CPD677-EV, Handcrafted Solid Hardwood Collegiate Evolution Lectern

Handcrafted Solid Hardwood Lectern CPD677-EV Collegiate Evolution

            CLR235-EV, Handcrafted Solid Hardwood Counselor Evolution Lectern

Handcrafted Solid Hardwood Lectern CLR235-EV Counselor Evolution

            ZED, Oklahoma Sound Sound Lectern. Color: Black

Sound Lectern ZED Oklahoma Sound. Color: Black.

            Presenter, Contemporary Lectern and Podium

Contemporary Lectern and Podium Presenter

Explore this link for all our Sound Podiums and Lecterns.

Link: https://podiumsdirect.com/collections/sound-lecterns

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Non-Sound Podiums And Lecterns Perfect For Small Audiences 0


To start off with we need to look at the definition of Non-Sound; Incapable of being sounded, Making no sound, Silent, Having no sound.

With that being said, a non-sound podium or lectern is the perfect solution for any presentation given to a smaller audience, such as a classroom, boardroom, meeting hall or other small venues.

Non-Sound podiums or lecterns are made of a variety of materials and come with a variety of standard features, which may include, casters or floor glides, a large reading surface, a shelf or shelves and/or wire management grommets.

They are sleek and simple in style and a cost-effective solution for your presentation needs.

            “The Hope”, Non-Sound Lectern

Non Sound Lectern "The Hope"

            FPL245, Non-Sound Full Pedestal Lectern

Non Sound Lectern FPL245 Full Pedestal

            1ALH2S, Contemporary H2 Standard Aluminum Lectern

 Contemporary Lectern and Podium H2 Standard Aluminum Lectern

            TWPL, Oklahoma Sound Non-Sound Work Pod Lectern

 Non Sound Lectern Oklahoma Sound WorkPod Lectern

Tour our Non-Sound Podiums and Lectern at this Link: https://podiumsdirect.com/collections/non-sound-lecterns

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Defining The Contemporary Lectern and Podium 0

Traits of a contemporary lectern or podium are bold designs that are minimalistic with clean lines that often feature curve styling.

Contemporary lecterns and podiums are made of a variety of materials which include, but not limited to wood, aluminum, metal, laminate, durable hard-shell plastic, MDF, PVC and mixes of material.

Not only are these podiums and lecterns appealing with their unique and elegant styling, but they are also highly functional.

They are sure to add flair to your presentation, whether in a church, classroom, conference room, lecture hall or any other venue.

            PDDYL, Valet Podium and Host Station, The Dylan

Valet Podium and Host Station, The Dylan

            K-1, Contemporary Lectern and Podium

Contemporary Lectern and Podium K-1

            VH1, Contemporary Lectern and Podium VH1 Standard Aluminum Lectern

Contemporary Lecterns and Podium VH1 Standard Aluminum Lectern

            Chameleon, Contemporary Lectern and Podium

Contemporary Lectern and Podium Chameleon

Be sure to check out all our great looking contemporary podiums and lecterns, using this link:


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How Does The New Normal Relate To A Podium or Lectern? 0

Since this Covid-19 pandemic has been upon us, it has changed the way we work, the way we worship, the way we interact, the way we clean, the way we shop and so much more.

With this pandemic we have come to know a new normal, which consists of restrictions that vary from state to state.

Even with restrictions, more and more states are opening public places and spaces and businesses are starting to attract customers.

But how does this relate to a podium or lectern you ask?

Business may have a check-in station to take daily employee temperature checks, healthcare check for symptoms, hand out masks, face (safety) shields, gloves, hand sanitizer, disinfecting agents and copies of safety guidelines.

At the check-in station a podium can store these items and the reading surface area can hold your record/log books for contact tracing.

Churches that are returning to in person worship services, may have the same set up as a business, with a check-in station.

Now, more than ever cleaning commonly touched surfaces has become an important routine. So, let’s not forget about that pulpit, podium, lectern and/or communion table.

Every pulpit, podium, lectern, and communion table are made of different materials that require different care methods.  Each routine is simple and easy to perform.


Use a mix of mild soap and water, along with a clean cotton cloth.  Wipe the surface of the podium, etc. with the solution and dry.

NEVER use a glass cleaning product or a product that contains ammonia on your item.

Also, there is a product called “Novus”, that you can purchase on the internet.


If your pulpit, etc. has an etched (white frosted look) logo, use a clean microfiber cloth with glass cleaner.  First spray glass cleaner directly on the soft cloth and gently wipe the surface of the glass panels.

If your pulpit, etc. has a logo with paint fill (color fill), avoid spraying cleaner directly onto the painted surface.  Clean by wiping with a dry microfiber cloth.

Glass pulpits with a photoplate, clean it by wiping with a dry microfiber cloth.


With a dry soft flannel or microfiber cloth wipe the surface of the wood base or trim.  This should be sufficient for normal dusting.

Occasionally, you may spray Pledge, onto a soft flannel cloth to clean wood base or trim.

DO NOT use a glass cleaner like, Windex, on the wood base or trim, as it will eventually strip the finish from your pulpit’s wood finish.


Dust them with a cloth that is damp with water only.  Be sure the cloth has been wrung out very thoroughly.


The acrylic panel(s) of the podium, pulpit, lectern, or communion table, should be cleaned with a mix of mild soap and water with a clean cotton cloth. Wipe the surface of the acrylic with the solution and dry.

The wood part(s) of the podium, pulpit, lectern or communion table, dust with a cloth that is damp with water.

Following these instructions of proper care and maintenance will not only help stop the spread of the virus it will ensure that your podium, pulpit, lectern, and communion table will maintain its beautiful appearance for years to come.

So, as we move ahead with this new normal, don’t forget about all the ways a podium can be used for, such as;  Virtual Teaching, Live Streaming and Webinars.

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Give The Gift Of A Podium Or Communion Table 0

There are many ways to give a gift.

  • In “Memory Of”. A remembrance of someone who has passed away.

  •  In “Honor Of”. Is a tribute made in recognition of a living person.

  •  In “Appreciation Of”. A show of gratitude toward a person.

Lately, we have had many church members ordering a podium or communion table in “Memory Of” or in “Honor Of” someone special.

A gift of a podium or communion table in “Memory Of” is a meaningful and unique way to acknowledge, commemorate, and demonstrate respect for that person.

A gift in “Honor Of” is a way to pay respect to a particular person who has inspired and/or made an impact or significant contributions to another person(s) or organization(s).

But, why not let your clergy know how much you appreciate them, with a gift of a podium or communion table in “Appreciation Of”.

It is a great way to show gratitude towards, priest, pastors, reverends, ministers, and missionaries, who faithfully try their best to serve, lead, pray, listen, and preach the word of God to and with their congregation members. They hope that their messages are heard, followed, and make an impact.

Custom No 6, Wood with Acrylic Pulpit.

Wood with Acrylic Pulpit Custom No 6

Model E, Clear Acrylic Lectern.

Acrylic Lectern Model E

NC10/NC10G Prestige Glass FOUNDATION Pulpit.

Glass Pulpit NC10/NC10G Prestige FOUNDATION

NO 8410, Communion Table

Communion Table NO 8410

View our website at www.podiumsdirect.com for all we have to offer.

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