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Chapels Need A Pulpit, Podium or Furnishing Too 0

The word “chapel” conjures up many images and meanings.

If you look up the definition of “chapel, you will find that it is: A small building for Christian worship or a room or building in which funeral services are held and many more definitions.

But, today, chapels serve a wide variety of faiths, including Christians, Judaism, Muslims, Buddhism, etc.

Chapels can be found within hospitals, military bases, prisons, cemeteries, airports, funeral homes, and universities; where they fill a religious, spiritual, and cultural need.

These chapels are often decorated with nature themes or symbols of many religions or other non-denominational designs.

Chapels, meditation, or prayer rooms serve as a quiet, peaceful, relaxing, and stress-free place where employees, patients, visitors, or travelers can pray, meditate and/or worship.

Often times a chaplain or religious leader will have scheduled mass or religious services in a hospital chapel for patients, visitors and staff.

The pulpit, podium, or altar they use may be on castors (wheels), so it can be moved into place while they conduct the service and rolled out of the way when not in use.

PDCEL, Handcrafted Solid Hardwood Lectern Celebrity


GRAD411, Hardcrafted Solid Hardwood The Graduate


Another type of chapel is the Wedding Chapel, like the ones in Las Vegas or Mall of America, that are solely dedicated to marrying couples.

These are unique, sophisticated, and intimate places to tie the knot.

There is an ordained minister on staff and the décor can feature a pulpit or podium and flower stands.

  1. NO 8401, Church Wood Pulpit Pedestal

  1. NO 8400, Flower Stand

  1. NO 5402, Church Wood Pulpit Pedestal

  1. NO 500, Flower Stand

If your chapel is in need of a pulpit, podium, or other furnishings, please go to our website at www.podiumsdirect.com and see all our products.

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New Podiums…. New Look 0

Unlike other products, there hasn’t been any major style changes in podiums for years, until now.

Sleek new alternatives to the traditional podiums and lecterns are being produced and we bring you the latest styles and trends.

Designs vary from contemporary to modern to industrial looking and are made of a variety of materials which include, but not limited to aluminum, metal, laminate, and mixed media.

Like traditional podiums and lecterns, they are highly functional, versatile, and affordable, which makes them perfect for a multitude of venues.

Here are some of the newest members in our product line.

GT-PRO, Contemporary Acrylic and Aluminum Podium Curved Aluminum Truss. Silver or Black.


NSMLDC, Contemporary Acrylic and Aluminum Podium Double Column.

ADTMWSB2, Portable Presentation Lectern Mobile Laptop Stand.

These podiums are sure to add flair to your presentation.

Check out these lecterns and all our other products at www.podiumsdirect.com

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Shop With Confidence For A Pulpit, Podium or Lectern 0

Whether you are a church, educational facility, funeral home, or government agency, etc., you can shop with confidence by using our On-Line Ordering System, https://podiumsdirect.com or by calling us at 800-421-9678.

Our On-Line Ordering process is a simple and easy way to make a purchase and yes, your credit card information is secure.

Another advantage of ordering from us, is No Credit Card Fees.

Our friendly and knowledgeable staff has over 35 years of customer service experience and can guide you through your shopping experience. They will work hard to make sure that you are completely satisfied with your purchase.

Podiums Direct strives to provide top quality professional presentation equipment at competitive prices that also looks great and delivers perfect performance, reliability, and durability.

Many customers are surprised when we answer the phone and are willing to help them with their purchase.  As they have had experiences with other companies, where no one answers the phone or returns their messages or did not deliver their product.

We are here to earn your business Monday through Friday 6:00 a.m. – 4:00 p.m. (MST).

If we are unavailable, please leave a detailed message and we will return your call as soon as possible.

Your business is important to us.

So, when you need a pulpit, podium, or lectern, give us a try.

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Pulpit, Podium and Lecterns Are An Essential Item In The Entertainment Industry 0

Have you ever watched a movie, TV series, seen a live performance or awards ceremony that used a pulpit, podium or lectern?

My answer is yes, and I believe yours is too.

I can recall courtroom drama series, TV series and award ceremonies, such as the Oscars, Golden Globes and Music Awards featuring a pulpit, podium, or lectern.

In the case of a courtroom drama, it is used by lawyers to present their cases.

In a TV series, they may be used in graduation ceremony of characters, lectures in classrooms and church scenes.

And of course, in the case of award ceremonies it is used to present awards and the winners to make their acceptance speeches.

A pulpit, podium or lectern in the entertainment business is an essential item to have in a prop warehouse.

We have many styles to fit any type of set.

Below are just a few examples of styles we have.

PDCON, Handcrafted Solid Hardwood Lectern Conquest.

Handcrafted Solid Hardwood Lectern Conquest

PDSPA, Handcrafted Solid Hardwood Lectern Spartan.

Handcrafted Solid Hardwood Lectern Spartan

TSP-620, Church Wood Pulpit Colonial Tiered

Church Wood Pulpit Colonial Tiered TSP-620

Model C, Acrylic Lectern Model C

Acrylic Lectern Model C

See our website at www.podiumsdirect.com to see all our products.

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Special Mother’s Day Service? Speaker Stand Needed! 0

With many churches and organizations across the country holding special services or events honoring Mothers and Motherhood, have you ever thought about the origins of Mother’s Day?

As with many of the current holidays that we celebrate, they stem from Ancient Greek and Roman traditions. This is true of Mother’s Day.  The Greeks and Romans celebrated Mothers and Motherhood by holding festivals to honor the Mother Goddesses, Rhea and Cybele.

Early Christians in Europe and the United Kingdom held festivals on the fourth Sunday in Lent, known as “Mothering Sunday”, when the faithful would return to their home or “mother” church, which was the main church in the vicinity of their home for a special service. As the years passed this festival eventually faded away.

In the United States Mother’s Day started before the Civil War, in West Virginia as “Mother’s Day Work Clubs” and was meant to teach local women, how to properly care for their children.

After the Civil War there were regions of the country that were still divided over the war. An organization called “Mother’s Friendship Day” was formed, where mothers and former Union and Confederate soldiers gathered to promote reconciliation.

Mother’s Day as we know it today, started with Ann Reeves Jarvis, who conceived the notion of an official day, as a way to honor her mother and the sacrifices all mothers make for their children.

Ann Jarvis and John Wanamaker organized the first official Mother’s Day Celebration at a Methodist Church in Grafton, West Virginia in May 1908.  Based on the success of this celebration, Ann launched a massive letter writing campaign to newspapers and politicians calling for them to adopt a special day honoring motherhood.

Her dream and hard work paid off in 1914, when President Woodrow Wilson signed a proclamation designating Mother’s Day on the Second Sunday in May.

Did you know that in the early 1920’s Hallmark Cards started selling Mother’s Day Cards?

In the United States Mother’s Day remains one of the biggest spending holidays, including long-distance phone calls.

Another popular activity on Mother’s Day is going to church.  Church attendance for this day is the third highest attendance after Christmas and Easter.

Many churches will have special services and speakers devoted to Mothers and Motherhood and may require additional speaker stands or portable lecterns to accommodate them.

  1. T-15, Portable Presentation Lectern Speaker Stand.

 Portable Presentation Lectern T-15 Speaker Stand

  1. T-40, Portable Presentation Lectern, Speaker Stand.

 Portable Presentation Lectern T-40 Speaker Stand

  1. ACRPET, Acrylic Lectern La Petite.

 Acrylic Lectern La Petite

  1. NSMLDC, Contemporary Acrylic and Aluminum Podium Double Column.

 Contemporary Acrylic and Aluminum Podium Double Column

View all our Speaker Stands and Portable Lecterns at www.podiumsdirect.com

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The Latest Innovation In Lecterns Has Arrived 0

For years there hasn’t been any major changes or innovations in the podium or lectern industry until now.

The change has come! With the arrival of the CLR235-S, Handcrafted Solid Hardwood Counselor Swivel.

This swivel Counselor is the perfect blend of traditional lines, hardwood construction, old world quality and cutting-edge innovation.

One of the features of this lectern is a swivel base, with a ball bearing swivel mechanism and swivel capability 45 degrees to the left and right of center and will hold its position.

Additional features of this lectern are:

  • Grommets throughout for wire/cable management.
  • Drop top for flat laptop surface or angled speaking surface.
  • Work surface lifts for easy access to storage.
  • Fixed shelf.
  • Rear wheel for ease of movement.
Handcrafted Solid Hardwood Lectern CLR235-S Counselor Swivel

It would make a great addition to any auditorium, lecture hall, conference facility and many other venues.

See this link for more details. Link: https://podiumsdirect.com/collections/handcrafted-solid-hardwood-lecterns/products/handcrafted-solid-hardwood-lectern-clr235-s-counselor-swivel

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