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Podium and Lecterns Made In The USA 0

Are you committed to buying “American Made” products?

8 in 10 consumers say they would rather buy “American Made” products and more than 60% of U.S. citizens say they are willing to pay 10% more.

Purchasing “American Made” items creates a positive effect on the U.S. economy, keeps jobs here and revives U.S. manufacturing industries.

“Made In America” also means, that consumers are getting higher quality, durable, reliable and safe goods.

We get asked regularly if we carry podiums, pulpits and lecterns that are made in the USA. The answer is, Yes!

In a world of mass-produced items our “Made In The USA” podiums continue to stand out and speak for themselves.

We have several styles of Acrylic Lecterns that are “Made In The USA” and are perfect for any church, business or any other venue.

Other “Made In America” lecterns are our Wood with Acrylic. With the simple integration of wood and acrylic it makes them the focal point of your presentation, whether in a church, school or business.

We also, offer Solid Hardwood podiums and lecterns that are “American Made”, that serve well in many environments, including academic, corporate or conference facilities.


  1. Acrylic Lectern Model E. Acrylic Podiums are a very functional piece of equipment.  Perfect for evangelical church or any kind of business setting.


  1. Wood with Acrylic Lectern 3304W. The simple integration of wood and acrylic will make this pulpit a focal point of your presentations, whether in a church, school or business setting.


  1. Handcrafted Solid Hardwood Lectern CLR235. This podium simply has the "Perfect Feel" about it.


  1. Multimedia Lectern KH120. The KH120 is our traditional style podium with raised panels and slanted dashboard.

We invite you to see our selection of podiums and lecterns at or contact us at 800-421-9678

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Are You Afraid To Order A Glass Podium Because Of The Word “Glass” 0

Don’t be! 

I understand there is a common concern that glass pulpits and communion tables will break easily.

This is a misconception. With safety and durability in mind, we use only 3/8” architectural glass. Glass does not age, weaken or change appearance overtime, like acrylic, plexiglass or plastic does.

There are thousands of churches that have these glass pulpits and communion tables and incidents of breakage are very, very low.

Having said that we do need to acknowledge that proper care and common sense should be used around your glass pulpit or communion table. With that in mind, your glass items will last a lifetime.

If buying a quality pulpit or communion table and saving your congregation time and money in the long run is your goal, then a beautiful, contemporary glass piece is for you.  It will become the focal point of your sanctuary and service.

Another plus to buying a glass pulpit or communion table is you are making a “green” (environmentally friendly) choice.  Glass is made from natural and plentiful materials – sand and silica.

Glass can be recycled time and time again, into new glass without losing its integrity.

Should you at some point choose to dispose or replace your glass pulpit with another style, you will know that it will be recycled and not end up in a landfill.

The are many features and benefits to purchasing a glass pulpit or communion table.

  • Real Glass
  • Quality, Durability and Strength
  • Superb Craftsmanship
  • Made In North America
  • Oak Book Rest (On Pulpits Only) To Keep Books or Papers In Place
  • Oak Base With Recessed Casters, For Ease Of Movement
  • Three Standard Scriptures To Choose From (On Communion Tables Only)
  • Free Custom Etched Logo On Front Panel Of Pulpit
  • Choice Of 10 Wood Stains
  • Comes Fully Assembled, Ready To Use

See our many styles of glass pulpits and communion tables, using this link:

  1. Glass Pulpit NC10/NC10G Prestige FOUNDATIN. A Timeless Classic.


  1. Glass Pulpit NC1/NC1G Prestige WINGED. Provides a stately focus for your worship services.


  1. Glass Pulpit NC2S/NC2SG Prestige The SPEAKER. Designed for the worship team or other presenters in your church.



  1. Glass Communion Table NC41/NC41G Prestige Elegance. Makes the perfect complement to your pulpit and the best part is that comes in three widths, 40”W, 48”W and 60”W.



  1. Glass Communion Table NC40/NC40G Prestige RHEMA. It has a simple elegance all its own.  Also comes in three widths, 40”W, 48”W and 60”W.

In conclusion, when purchasing a glass pulpit or communion table, you will have a quality, durable and a one of a kind piece that will invite and embrace your congregation.

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Care and Maintenance Of Podiums, Pulpits, Lectern and Communion Tables 0

Have you ever thought about the care and maintenance of the podium, pulpit, lectern and communion table you purchase?

They require little care and maintenance, but should the need arise, we have provided you with valuable cleaning and maintenance instructions in this blog.

Every podium, pulpit, lectern and communion table are made of different materials and require separate care methods. Each routine is simple and easy to do.


Use a mix of mild soap and water, along with a clean cotton cloth.  Wipe the surface of the podium, etc. with the solution and dry.

NEVER use a glass cleaning product or a product that contains ammonia on your item.

Also, there is a product called “Novus”, that you can purchase on the internet.


If your pulpit, etc. has an etched (white frosted look) logo, use a clean microfiber cloth with glass cleaner.  First spray glass cleaner directly on the soft cloth and gently wipe the surface of the glass panels.

If your pulpit, etc. has a logo with paint fill (color fill), avoid spraying cleaner directly onto the painted surface.  Clean by wiping with a dry microfiber cloth.

Glass pulpits with a photoplate, clean it by wiping with a dry microfiber cloth.


With a dry soft flannel or microfiber cloth wipe the surface of the wood base or trim.  This should be sufficient for normal dusting.

Occasionally, you may spray Pledge, onto a soft flannel cloth to clean wood base or trim.

DO NOT use a glass cleaner like, Windex, on the wood base or trim, as it will eventually strip the finish from your pulpit’s wood finish.


Dust them with a cloth that is damp with water only.  Be sure the cloth has been wrung out very thoroughly.


The acrylic panel(s) of the podium, pulpit, lectern or communion table, should be cleaned with a mix of mild soap and water with a clean cotton cloth. Wipe the surface of the acrylic with the solution and dry.

The wood part(s) of the podium, pulpit, lectern or communion table, dust with a cloth that is damp with water.

Following these instructions of proper care and maintenance will ensure that your podium, pulpit, lectern and communion table will maintain its beautiful appearance for years to come.

Again, Thanks for reading this blog.  Please share this blog with someone you know.

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Can You Send Stain Samples Of Pulpit, Podium, Lectern and Communion Table? 0

Yes, on our custom made to order products.

Are you in the market for a new pulpit, podium, lectern, communion table or other church furnishings and need them to match existing furniture or woodwork?

If the answer is; Yes, there are several things to consider.

First, you need to consider your budget for a new piece of church furniture.

Second, you must decide, which style and material will match or coordinate with your existing furnishings and/or woodwork.

Third, is a question that comes up quite often. Are the stain samples and fabric samples on your website true to the actual color? The answer is complicated, as all computers and monitors display or show colors differently, due to the resolution, etc. As a result, we can’t really answer that questions.

So, with that in mind, we suggest you call, and request stain and fabric color samples.

These are provided Free of charge and usually arrive to you within 2 –5 days after request. Just let us know the contact person, address, city, state and zip code to send them to.

Once received you can compare the samples to your existing furniture and/or woodwork and find which one is the closes or perfect match.

This will eliminate any surprises once your item is received.

As once an order is placed, custom made to order pieces cannot be cancelled or returned.

Remember it is better to be safe than sorry.

Thanks for your continued readership.

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Payment Options For Podiums 0

At Podiums Direct we are frequently asked about payment options for purchasing pulpits, podiums, lecterns and related church furnishings.

We have several payment options available to suit your needs.

  • Pay In Full at time of order.

Accepted payment methods are: All major debit or credit card or an E-Check with the routing and account number

You may ask; Is My Credit Card Information Secure Through This Site? Yes! Your credit card information is protected with a secure SSL certificate that encrypts all your transactions through our site with industry standard secure sockets layer (SSL) technology. Rest assured that your credit card and personal information are protected.

What About Credit Card Fees? Podiums Direct doesn’t charge credit fees.

What Is An E-Check? It is an electronic version of a paper check. It may also be called an electronic check, direct debit or ACH payment.

            It provides different payment processing times and less waste.

            It electronically transfers money from the payers’ checking account and                  directly deposits it into the sellers account.

            The funds usually take 24 – 48 hours to clear.


  • ½ Down at time of order and the remaining ½ before product(s) are shipped (only available on items that have lead times of 4 – 6 weeks and 6 – 8 weeks).
  • If you need to finance your purchase, see our financing link to Hampton Ridge Financial: or call 866-815-4448.

         Monday – Friday 8 – 5 pm CST (Central Standard Time).

They can assist you with any questions you may have and the information that you need.

I hope this blog has been helpful and has answered many of your questions you may have had about payment options.

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Podium Shipments FAQ’S Answered 0

You as a customer of Podiums Direct Corporation, may have many questions regarding the shipping of your podium, pulpit, lectern or other related products you purchased.

We hope to answer many of your questions in this blog.

 What Are Your Delivery Times?  It depends on the product and delivery location.  Some can be delivered on average of 3 – 14 days, others 6-8 weeks.

Most items in our “Quick Ship” category will ship out within 24 – 72 hours after receipt of order.

What Is The Shipping Cost For Items?  It varies from product to product and delivery location and whether it goes FedEx, UPS or Freight Carrier.

Many items ship for Free and are listed as such on our website,

Free shipping items are limited to the lower 48 United States only.

Where Do You Ship To?  Podiums Direct Corporation ships within the lower 48 United States only. We do not ship to International locations.

Do You Supply Tracking Information?  Yes. Whether a product is ordered on-line or over the phone and is shipped FedEx or UPS, we will send you the tracking number and the link to their website, so you can track your package.

If the product is being delivered by freight carrier, we will e-mail you the name of the freight carrier, phone number of the freight carrier, tracking (pro) number and instructions on how to receive the freight.

I hope this blog answered many of your questions that you had regarding shipment of our products.

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