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When To Order A Podium For Christmas Services

As Christmas draws near, our number one question from customers is;

If I order a podium or communion table will I get it in time for Christmas services?

This year we decided to put out a blog to address this issue.  Below are order deadlines for delivery by Christmas.

Custom made pulpits, which include Church Wood Pulpits, Wood with Acrylic Pulpits, Handcrafted Solid Hardwood Lecterns, Communion Tables, Tithe Boxes, Offering Tables, Baptismal Fonts and Flower Stands. The deadline is noon (MST) Friday, October 11th to guarantee delivery by Christmas.

On Glass Pulpits and Communion Tables the deadline for ordering is Friday, November 1st to guarantee delivery prior to Christmas.

All details (stain color, logo formats, mic holder position, etc.) must be given at time of order.

If any of these details are missing or order is placed after these dates, we cannot guarantee delivery by Christmas.

Also, when ordering, please let us know if you require this delivery prior to Christmas.

Don’t panic if you miss the deadlines, we still have podium options available in our Quick Ship category, that can be ordered and shipped out 48 – 72 hours after receipt of order.

Remember the saying “The early bird catches the worm”.

This certainly rings true, when ordering a pulpit or communion table for your Christmas service
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Fall…. One Of North Americas Four Seasons

Autumn and Fall are words used interchangeably for the season between summer and winter, which consist of the months of September, October and November.

In North America it is one of the four seasons.  It is the transition when daylight becomes shorter and the weather becomes cooler.

We, in the United States consider Labor Day as the unofficial start of Fall.

In reality, September 21st is the official start of Fall and it ends on December 21st.

Autumn or Fall is often associated with such things as; Back to School, harvesting crops, new series and episodes of existing television shows on television stations, football, Halloween and Thanksgiving.

There are many foods that are related to Autumn, which are; pumpkins, pumpkin spice, pumpkin pie, apples, hot apple cider, cranberries, squash and root vegetables.

In the three months, we consider Fall there a few major holidays along with many unofficial holidays and celebrated days. Some of which a podium will be used to make speeches to honor, address or inform groups of people.

  1. 611, Oklahoma Sound Non-Sound Vision Lectern. Helps you make effective and power presentations.


  1. 950/901, Oklahoma Sound Versatile and Portable Sound Lectern.


  1. 111PLS, Oklahoma Sound Power Plus Sound Lectern. It is very functional and elegant and has great sound.


  1. Presenter, Contemporary Lectern. The Presenter lectern is designed so that all you need is AC power and you are good to go.


  1. TMP, Portable Presentation Denon Active Amplified with Built-In Speakers Lectern. This is a portable audio lectern for multi-media presentations.


Some of the days celebrated are; Labor Day, Grandparent’s Day, Patriot Day/National Day of Service and Remembrance (911), Constitution Day/Citizenship Day, National POW/MIA Recognition Day, National Suicide Prevention Month, Halloween, Clergy Appreciation Day, National Make A Difference Day, Breast Cancer Awareness Month, National Animal Safety and Protection Month, National Bullying Prevention Month, National Crime Prevention Month, National Cyber Security Awareness Month, National Domestic Violence Awareness Month, National Learning and Development Month, Veterans Day, Thanksgiving Day.

We invite you to see our selection of podiums at

Thanks for reading this blog and I hope you enjoyed it.

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Accessories… Put The Finishing Touches On Your Podium

Now that you received your podium, you discovered that you don’t have any where to put your microphone and you can’t see your presentation or sermon notes.

Don’t Panic!  Podium accessories are here!

There are many accessories available, depending on your needs, to put the final touches on your podium.

The two most essential accessories would be;

The first being, a Mic Mounting Kit.

S1040, Screw-On Flexible Mic Mounting Kit.


S1042, Clamp-On Flexible Mic Mounting Kit.


The second would be LED Podium Lights.

The lights are modern in style with LED lights and a sturdy, flexible Goose-Neck that can be positioned in many directions. They are sure to illuminate your notes.

PD102, 2 LED Single Head Podium Clip Light.


PD202, Dual Head 2 LED Podium Clip On Light.


 PDLED510, Clip-On LED Podium Light.




There are many other accessories that may be beneficial to you as well.

A Podium Cover will protect your lectern investment, by preserving the finish, keep it free of dust and safeguard it from scratches and chips, when not in use.

6274-5891, Podium Cover.


Podium Timer Clocks can be used to time your presentation and make sure every presenter stays within their allotted time frame.

PD-08649-10, Podium Clock Timer.


S1321, Podium Clip-On Clock Timer.


Other podium accessories becoming popular in this digital age are tablet and smart phone holders. It is a fast and easy way to mount your mobile devise that has your notes or speech downloaded without using paper, which makes it environmentally friendly

TCM 1908, Grip On Universal Mount with Bullet-Nose Clamp for Podium.


FAUTH, Flax Arm Tablet Holder.


TCM9161, iPad Snap On Cover with Round Clamp On for Podium.


We invite you to explore all our accessories, using this link:

 Thank you for your time. Please pass along this blog.

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Pulpit Sets Are A Time Saving Way To Order Sanctuary Furniture

Are you or your church members spending hours researching pulpit furniture for your new or remodeled sanctuary?

We ask why? You may answer. We are trying to find the right style, at the right price and pieces that coordinate together.

For those reason, we created our pulpit sets. To ensure churches have a one stop, time saving shop, with matching sanctuary furniture.

Pulpit sets can come in a multitude of different combinations, such as;

A pulpit, communion table and clergy chairs

A pulpit, communion table, clergy chairs and flower stands or

A pulpit, communion table and baptismal font

And many other combinations.

We also offer them in an array of materials, ranging from wood, wood and acrylic, glass or acrylic.

Styles are available from traditional to contemporary at budget friendly prices.

  1. 702 Pulpit Set. The Proclaimer Series church furniture line is one of our most popular contemporary styles mixing wood with acrylic.


  1. NO 900W Pulpit Set. This Beautiful Wood Pulpit Set is ideal for all your presentation needs.


  1. 3750 Pulpit Set.


  1. NC1/NC1G Pulpit Set. This elegant pulpit set invites and embraces the congregation.


  1. Model E Pulpit Set.


To see our other available pulpit sets, click on this link:

Thanks again for joining us today, for this blog.


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Academic Podiums Not Just For Graduation

There are many uses for a podium in an academic environment.

A podium may be used at a student orientation to introduce students to their new academic environment, faculty members and what is expected of them as a student body.

In Prep Rallies a podium is used by students and faculty to invigorate school spirit and to honor the future and pay respects to past events. Team captains use it to let their fellow students know how their teams are doing.

Debate competitions use a podium to argue in favor (pro) and argue opposition (con) to a selected topic. The skills used in debate, train students in good public speaking, practice civility under pressure and become quick and critical thinkers.

Athletic Awards Banquets or Ceremonies are other events that a podium is used.

Usually held in the school auditorium or gymnasium, this event includes lots of speeches given behind a podium. Coaches talk about the team’s accomplishments and acknowledges the athletes hard work.  Students thank their coaches and parents.

In a Graduation Ceremony the podium is placed in the center of the stage and should be equipped with a microphone and display the school logo or crest.

A chairperson, chancellor or principal steps up to the podium to give a welcome address, then a guest speaker will give an inspirational address and offer graduates valuable advice for the future. 

After the guest speaker concludes their address, the valedictorian will thank the guest speaker, family and friends for coming to the ceremony and supporting them.  Then proceed in giving a heartfelt speech.

Speeches and presentations given behind a podium are skills that can benefit a person throughout their lives and help in job interviews, career advancement, conducting business meetings and hone effective communication.

Now, you know how important a podium is to an academic facility and the valuable life skills it is giving students.


  1. PDCON, Handcrafted Solid Hardwood Lectern Conquest.



  1. CLR235, Handcrafted Solid Hardwood Lectern Counselor.


  1. 950/901, Oklahoma Sound Versatile and Portable Sound Lectern.



  1. CU8500, Wood Closed Custom Pulpit.


  1. 111PLS, Oklahoma Sound Power Plus Sound Lectern.


I hope you found this blog valuable.

Thank you for your continued support of this blog.  

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Why Good Customer Service Is So Important

Have you ever been some place and heard people complain about customer service or the lack of? And that customer service is a thing of the past.  I certainly have.

It is easy to see why people say that, with self-checkout counters, bagging your own groceries, self-service gas stations, on-line shopping, etc., it seems like there isn’t a need for customer service.

But, now more than ever customer service should be an important part of every business, every day.

What is customer service?  It is the assistance, advice and knowledge by a company to the consumers, who buy or use its products or services.

There are several factors that make up good customer service:

  1. Know your product and/or services that your company sells. You and your employees need to know what you are selling inside and out.
  2. Let customers know how important they are to you and your business, by interacting with them in a friendly, helpful and positive manner.
  3. The ability to exchange information, news or ideas effectively to the consumers.
  4. Good listening skills. Understanding what the customer is asking and what their needs are and addressing those needs directly.
  5. Show respect to the customer.
  6. Thanking the customer for their business.
  7. Meet or exceed the customers’ expectations.

The benefits of good customer service has many rewards, including, repeat customers, more sales, better cash flow, people will share their positive experience by word of mouth or posting an on-line positive review of your product and/or company.

Creating excellent customer service experiences, plays a major role in your companies’ success and can separate you from your competition.

Our mission at Podiums Direct has always been to provide exceptional customer service and the Best Choice for Sound and Non-Sound Lecterns, Podiums and Pulpits.

Hope this Blog has been helpful, and I want to thank you for reading it.
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