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Limited Time Only Special Offer! Starts July 1, 2019

Limited Time Only Special Offer! Starts July 1, 2019.

FREE NC51/NC51G Prestige Tabletop Offering Box With A Purchase Of A Prestige Glass Winged or FOUNDATION Pulpit And A 48" or 60" Communion Table.
A $275.00 Valve, Absolutely Free!
Act Now! As Offer Ends July 31, 2019

Glass Pulpit NC1/NC1G Prestige WINGED. The very popular Winged Pulpit, invites and embraces the entire congregation.

Glass Pulpit NC10/NC10G Prestige FOUNDATION. Our timeless classic, the Foundation Pulpit. This traditional pulpit design, crafted in contemporary glass, allows your congregation an unhindered view of the worship service.

Glass Communion Table NC40/NC40G Prestige RHEMA.Communion Table is the perfect complement to your pulpit.

Glass Communion Table NC41/NC41G Prestige Elegance. Communion Table is the perfect complement to your pulpit.

Glass Communion Table NC4/NC4G Prestige STANDARD. Communion Table is the perfect complement to your pulpit.

FREE Item:

Glass Pulpit NC51/NC51G Prestige Table Top Offering Box. Handcrafted in glass and oak with removable lid.

Contact Us At 800-421-9678 For Details And To Place Order.

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Why Good Customer Service Is So Important

Have you ever been some place and heard people complain about customer service or the lack of? And that customer service is a thing of the past.  I certainly have.

It is easy to see why people say that, with self-checkout counters, bagging your own groceries, self-service gas stations, on-line shopping, etc., it seems like there isn’t a need for customer service.

But, now more than ever customer service should be an important part of every business, every day.

What is customer service?  It is the assistance, advice and knowledge by a company to the consumers, who buy or use its products or services.

There are several factors that make up good customer service:

  1. Know your product and/or services that your company sells. You and your employees need to know what you are selling inside and out.
  2. Let customers know how important they are to you and your business, by interacting with them in a friendly, helpful and positive manner.
  3. The ability to exchange information, news or ideas effectively to the consumers.
  4. Good listening skills. Understanding what the customer is asking and what their needs are and addressing those needs directly.
  5. Show respect to the customer.
  6. Thanking the customer for their business.
  7. Meet or exceed the customers’ expectations.

The benefits of good customer service has many rewards, including, repeat customers, more sales, better cash flow, people will share their positive experience by word of mouth or posting an on-line positive review of your product and/or company.

Creating excellent customer service experiences, plays a major role in your companies’ success and can separate you from your competition.

Our mission at Podiums Direct has always been to provide exceptional customer service and the Best Choice for Sound and Non-Sound Lecterns, Podiums and Pulpits.

Hope this Blog has been helpful, and I want to thank you for reading it.
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On-Line Catalogs A Valuable Tool

The cost of printed materials is continually increasing. With that being said, more and more companies are opting to post on-line catalogs on their websites.

This is cost-effective to a business in many ways. The obvious being, saving time and money on printing and mailing cost.

The second is the ease of adding or deleting products, rather than reprinting the catalog.

The third is reaching a wider audience base, due to search engine optimization.

Another is companies can easily customize catalogs based on specific products (ex: Church Wood Pulpits) or target specific group of buyers (Ex: Academic Facilities, Churches, etc.)

What are the benefits of an on-line catalog to consumers?  Customers can view the catalog on-line and can print the whole catalog or just a specific page or pages they need.

Another advantage to the consumer is they won’t get on a mailing list or receive catalogs they don’t want or need.

This makes an on-line catalog environmentally friendly compared to a traditional mail-order catalog.

See our Catalog using this link:

We appreciate your continued support of our blog.

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Consumers Have Many Questions Before Purchasing

When you have a business that sells products, especially on the internet, consumers have lots of questions.  They want to make sure they have all the information needed to feel comfortable with the company and person, they are dealing with, in order to decide to purchase.

   We get asked and I am sure many businesses do, get some or all the following questions asked every day.

  1. Do You Provide Quotes? Yes. Just let us know what product and options that you want, and we will e-mail you back the quote.
  1. Can You Send Stain Samples? On our custom made to order products we can send samples.  Just let us know the contact, address, city, state and zip code.  Most stain samples get delivered within 2 – 5 days.

     3. What Are Your Delivery Times? It depends on the product and delivery location. Some can be delivered on average 3 - 14 days, others 6 - 8 weeks.

  1. What Payment Methods Do You Accept? All Major Debit or Credit Cards or an E-Check with Routing Number and Account Number.
  1. Is My Credit Card Information Secure? YES! Your credit card information is protected with a secure SSL Certificate that encrypts all of your transactions through our site with industry-standard secure sockets layer (SSL) technology. If the online store accepts credit cards, rest assured that both your credit card information and personal information are protected. If you place over the phone orders, we do not keep any Credit Card Information on file.
  1. Do You Charge Credit Card Fees? No.
  1. Do You Accept Purchase Orders? We do from Academic Facilities and Business.
  1. How Can I Order A Product? You can place your order on-line at or call us at 800-421-9678.
  1. What Are Your Hours Of Operations? Monday – Friday 6:00 a.m.– 4:00 p.m. MST (Mountain Standard Time). If we are unavailable leave a message and we will return your call as soon as possible.
  1. Do You Have A Showroom? No.
  1. Do You Have A Product Catalog? We have an On-Line catalog. You can print by clicking on the Catalog Tool Bar and Clicking on the Product Catalog. You can print just the pages you need or the whole catalog.
  1. Are Logos Available On The Podiums? Items that are available to have a Logo applied will have the Option listed in the Product Description.
  1. What Format Do I Need To Send My Logo? Acceptable Artwork is as follows: We support only Adobe Illustrator. Files should be vector and EPS files must be included. Files can be sent by the following methods.

E-Mail To:

Logo designs are limited to (3) changes.  Any changes made after the initial (3) will be charged per request & per change. 

  1. What Is Your Return Policy? All Custom Made To Order Items Can Not Be Returned.

All other items are subject to the following:

Written requests for a Return Authorization (RA) must be made within 30 days of receipt.

Returns are subject to a minimum restocking fee of 25% for Lecterns and 15% for Public Address Systems & Accessories. All Returns require an authorization number. To return a product, please call Customer Service at 1-800-421-9678 for our RA procedure.

Please note that an RA# does not guarantee final disposition. All returns are subject to inspection. All exchanged/returned merchandise must be in original factory condition, including all packaging materials, inserts and manuals, warranty cards (not filled-out) and all accessories. Please do not tape or write anything on the item or the package! We will charge you for replacement of damaged, altered, missing, written-on or taped-on contents or cartons. We reserve the right to refuse any such returns.

Pack the products into a shipping box with plenty of packing material, and tape securely. Write the RA# issued by Customer Service clearly on the outside of the shipping carton, not on the product package. Any merchandise returned to us unauthorized will be refused. Please ship your parcel back to us freight prepaid! We suggest that you use UPS Ground Service "Insured." Sorry, we cannot accept COD or freight-collect shipments. No goods will be accepted for exchange or return without authorization.

  1. Do You Supply Tracking Information? Whether it is Ordered On-Line or over the phone. If the product is shipped FedEx or UPS, we will send you the tracking number and the link to their website, so you can track you package. If the product is being delivered by freight truck, we will e-mail you the Name and Phone Number of Carrier, Tracking (Pro) Number and Instructions on how to receive the freight.
  1. Where Do You Ship To? Podiums Direct Corporation ships within the lower 48 United States, but not to other international locations. 
  1. How Many Products Do You Have?  We have over 700 items available for purchase.

Thank You For Reading This Blog.  I Hope This Answered Many Of Your Questions.

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Forgotten Items For A Destination Wedding

Destination weddings are very popular today, especially with millennials, who love travel and adventure.

Most interpret a destination wedding, as needing to take place in a foreign country.

In fact, most occur here in the United States, with couples getting married in a different state than where they live.

The definition of a Destination Wedding; is a wedding where the couple marries at least 100 miles from where they live.

With more and more couples paying for their own wedding, a destination wedding can be less expensive than a traditional wedding. One reason it can be less expensive, is the couple only invite their closest family members and friends. The average guest list is 86. It also allows the bride and groom to spend quality time with their guest.

A majority of destination weddings take place during the day, allowing guest to enjoy and embrace the scenery of the wedding location, picked by the bride and groom.

Some may say destination weddings are virtually stress-free.  The reason given is that it is only a click away to book accommodations at a resort that offers wedding planning services and they will take care of everything from room blocks to guest transportation and more.

I don’t believe any wedding regardless whether traditional or destination is stress-free.  There is still a lot of planning to be done.

With a destination wedding there can be a few things that can be over-looked, but are essential, like a lectern for the person officiating the ceremony and readers of scripture or poetry, etc. and guest to sign the register.  Also, a secure place for guest to put cards and flower stands for the bouquets.

Travel our website at to see all our products.

Below are some of the items for your destination wedding:

  1. Portable Presentation Lectern 70 Oklahoma Sound.


  1. Portable Presentation Lectern T-35 Speaker Stand.


  1. LCPMKDBK,Portable Presentation Lectern Folding & Light Colum Style.


  1. LCTCVKDRM, Portable Presentation Lectern Mobile in Mahogany or Black.


  1. NC51/NC51G, Prestige Glass Tabletop Offering Box


  1. CAFS, Clear Acrylic Flower Stand.


We value readers like you.  If you enjoyed this blog, pass it on.

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Outdoor Podiums

Can Help You Make Your Next Presentation Memorable

Make a unique and memorable presence at your next presentation outdoors, with a bold and modern style podium that blends into your surroundings.

Podiums for outdoor use are lightweight, durable, weatherproof, waterproof, portable and can withstand outdoor conditions.

What makes them weather and waterproof? They are a one-piece molded unit, made of durable hard ABS plastic, that holds up to tough use indoors and out.

The modern styling is reflected in an elegant sculpted profile with radius corners.

These full height podiums come with a cushion paper stop, an interior shelf and casters for easy maneuverability and portability.

You can choose optional shell colors and insert panel colors, which will allow you to blend in or stand out.

Outdoor podiums are idea for media events, alumni events, fundraisers, reunions, company picnics and many other events.

Journey through our website at to see all our outdoor podiums.

  1. AmpliVox Collegiate Multimedia Contemporary Lectern and Podium SN3253.


  1. Chameleon, Contemporary Lectern and Podium. Full Height Non-Sound Lectern.


  1. Presenter, Contemporary Lectern and Podium.


  1. AmplVox Pinnacle Sound Lectern ST3250.


We are thankful for readers like you.  We hope you gained some insight about these products
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