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Outdoor Podiums

Can Help You Make Your Next Presentation Memorable

Make a unique and memorable presence at your next presentation outdoors, with a bold and modern style podium that blends into your surroundings.

Podiums for outdoor use are lightweight, durable, weatherproof, waterproof, portable and can withstand outdoor conditions.

What makes them weather and waterproof? They are a one-piece molded unit, made of durable hard ABS plastic, that holds up to tough use indoors and out.

The modern styling is reflected in an elegant sculpted profile with radius corners.

These full height podiums come with a cushion paper stop, an interior shelf and casters for easy maneuverability and portability.

You can choose optional shell colors and insert panel colors, which will allow you to blend in or stand out.

Outdoor podiums are idea for media events, alumni events, fundraisers, reunions, company picnics and many other events.

Journey through our website at to see all our outdoor podiums.

  1. AmpliVox Collegiate Multimedia Contemporary Lectern and Podium SN3253.


  1. Chameleon, Contemporary Lectern and Podium. Full Height Non-Sound Lectern.


  1. Presenter, Contemporary Lectern and Podium.


  1. AmplVox Pinnacle Sound Lectern ST3250.


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Portable Presentation Lecterns For Our On-The-Move Society

In This On-The-Go, On-The Move society that we live in, it seems that everything is portable, from; Basketball hoops, Fans, Generators, Laptops to Snacks and Space Heaters.

Did you know that a lectern could be portable?  Indeed, they can be.

Let’s first look into the meaning of Portable:  Able to be easily carried or moved, especially because being a lighter and smaller version than usual.

There are many lecterns that are easily carried or moved and are notable lighter than their standard counterparts.

Next, let’s explore the meaning of Presentation:  A speech or talk in which new products, ideas or piece of work is shown and explained to an audience.

Presentation is a broad term that encompasses all manner of speaking engagements.

The purpose of a presentation is to demonstrate, inform, persuade, inspire or motive.

When you put the two together, you get a Portable Presentation Lectern. 

They are practical and convenient for people that need to give talks or lectures at different locations, corporate training, tradeshows, mobile classrooms, product demonstrations and more.

Portable lecterns are durable, lightweight or folding that can be carried and set up and taken down with ease or shipped from one venue to the next with ease.

These lecterns are also extremely cost effective.

Have a look at our website at today, for your Portable Presentation lectern needs. 

Many Styles are available.

  1. Portable Presentation Lectern 311.  This lectern folds up for ease of transportation that can be carried or shipped from one venue to the next. 


  1. Portable Presentation Lectern 70 Oklahoma Sound. Practical and convenient speaker stand lectern has an application in every venue.


  1. Portable Lectern Stand. Durable, versatile, portable and sleek.


  1. Portable Presentation Lectern Folding/Collapsible. Mahogany. This is the perfect podium if you travel to make presentations.


  1. Portable Presentation Lectern Soundcraft Systems Spectrum Series. Attractive, yet functional and durable lectern at a most affordable price.


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The Evolution of the Baptismal Font

Baptism is one of the most important rituals in Christian churches and a ritual that is unique to Christianity. Baptism signifies the washing away of sins and the entrance into the Christian life. Through baptism you are forgiven of past indiscretion, through faith in Christ.

The history of the Baptism Font is also unique, as we will explore in this blog.

Baptism evolved from the Jewish act of cleansing, which had to occur before anyone could participate in religious rituals or ceremonies. The cleansing ceremonies would take place outdoors in a natural source of clean water, like a river or stream.  Jesus was cleansed in the river Jordan, which we today, call the baptism of Jesus Christ.

Christians were heavily persecuted and going to the rivers and streams for baptism was dangerous. So, Christians met in private homes to worship and perform baptism rituals. In the homes where they met shallow ankle-deep reservoirs were carved from the rock to collect the natural spring water that was poured from a vase over the head of the person being baptized.

As Christianity grew, the introduction of infant baptism was growing as well.  This changed the structure of baptism, instead of a shallow reservoir in the floor, three to four feet high walls of bricks were constructed with an opening in the middle to accommodate a person holding a child and water being poured over the infant’s head.

With the growth and legalization of Christianity, Baptismal Fonts became an important visual focal point of churches. Traditional fonts were often octagonal, which symbolizes that creation was completed in seven days and the eighth signifies the new creation.

Today, Baptismal Fonts can be seen in many shapes and styles, most often matching the church décor or architecture.

The ever-present font is a reminder for those who have been baptized that they are members of the body of Christ and an invitation that the church is always ready to receive new members of Christ the Son of God.

Tour our website at, today, for your Baptismal Font. Many new shapes and styles available.

  1. Baptismal Font Acrylic 3303. This simple, contemporary baptismal font will complete your sanctuary furnishings.


  1. Baptismal Font 317. This baptismal font with its Gothic design will bring elegance and grace to a baptismal ceremony.


  1. Baptismal Font NO 400. Great Match With The Communion Tables and Podiums.


  1. Baptismal Font 565. The simple beauty of this baptismal font will enhance your sanctuary furnishings.


  1. Baptismal Font 3709. The clean, vertical grooved lines on the base of this baptismal font and the tapered top give it an impressive look that will fit in any church decor.


  1. Baptismal Font 658. This beautiful octagonal design, featuring dental molding creates an overall look of elegance to any baptismal ceremony.


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Sanctuary Furnishing Can Invite And Embrace The Congregation

The first four centuries of the church, believers met in privately owned homes.

In the early 19th century as the western frontier of the United States opened, there was an explosive growth in and among churches.  Worship conditions on the frontier were rustic and very simple.

Today, sanctuary furnishings have a distinction and elegance that invite and embrace the congregation.

The are many words associated with the interior of a church, in this blog we will focus on a few of them.

  • Sanctuary – Is the entire room in which the worship service is held.
  • Nave – The pat of the church that accommodates the congregation. Usually separated from the chancel by steps or railing.
  • Chancel – The elevated front part of the church from which the service is conducted.

Now, let us focus on the furnishings associated with the church.

In many churches there are two speaker stands; one is the pulpit and one is the lectern.

The pulpit is positioned in the chancel and used by the clergy to read the gospel and preach the sermon.

On the other hand, the lectern is used by church members to read the scriptures, lead the congregation in prayer and make announcements.  This is also located in the chancel.

The other two pieces of furniture that are in the chancel are the altar/communion table, which the clergy use for communion.  This piece is most often placed in the center of the chancel.

Then there are the clergy chairs; it has been felt a proper to provide special seating for the clergy, considering the dignity of the leader of the church and a reminder to us of the order in the Christian ministry.  These chairs are always facing the congregation.

Pew are in the nave and are long, backed benches upon which several congregants can sit.  These are usually fixed to the floor.

More and mores churches today are opting for church or congregational chairs, which are movable and can be configured in a variety of ways to meet the needs and activities of the members.

Another furnishing found in the church is the baptismal font. It is a receptacle in which water is held for baptism.  Baptism signifies the washing away of sins and the entrance in the Christian church and life. Through baptism you are forgiven of past indiscretion through faith in Christ. The font can be positioned in many places within the sanctuary.  In my experience, I have seen it in the chancel or the front part of the nave, between the center aisle.

If you are considering purchasing church furnishing, please check us out at as we have many styles and price options.

  1. Church Wood Pulpit 590. This beautiful pulpit features an arched design, which is both traditional and contemporary.


  1. Wood with Acrylic Lectern 3350W. This lectern integrates wood and acrylic together for a contemporary look.


  1. Communion Table 3707. Clean, straight lines of this communion table give it an impressive look that will fit in any church decor.


  1. Baptismal Font Acrylic 3303. This simple, contemporary baptismal font will complete your sanctuary furnishings.


  1. Church Pulpit Set TSP-120. This Beautiful Wood Pulpit Set is ideal for all your presentation needs.


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Funeral Homes May Conduct Funeral and Memorial Services at their Facility


As with most words, the origins are Latin and the word “Funeral” is no exception, it comes from the word “funus”, which had a variety of meanings, including the corpse and the funerary rites themselves.

Funeral history dates back to the Egyptians, who mastered the art of preservation.

Here is the United States the funeral industry did not emerge until after the Civil War.  That is when the process and practice of embalming became widespread and accepted by the general public.

Before the Civil War, the deceased were often displayed in the parlor of the family home, this is where the term “funeral parlor” came from.

Funeral homes arrange the service in accordance with the wishes of the surviving family members. They also take care of necessary paperwork, permits, cemetery arrangements and provide obituaries to the news media. The wishes of the family may be a Traditional Religious Funeral, Non-Religious Humanist Funeral Service, Direct Cremation Service, Green/Natural Funeral Service or Burial at Sea.

A Traditional Funeral service consists of a visitation, a service conducted by a religious leader and gravesite committal service

The Non-Religious Humanist Funeral service, makes no reference to God. It focuses on the tribute section, in which family and friends share in.

With a Direct Cremation Service there is no visitation, ceremony or service beforehand.  A Memorial service may be held later.

Green/Natural Funeral service is one that avoids embalming chemical, extraneous cement, steel or other non-biodegradable materials.  This type of funeral requires fewer resources, so it is environmentally friendly.

A Burial at Sea is a type of funeral in which a deceased person’s body or ashes are released into the ocean, usually from a boat.  Burials at sea are highly regulated by the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA), so it is advised to hire a company that specializes in this type of service.

The funeral service industry in the United States is an estimated 20.7 billion per year business with the average cost of a traditional funeral at between 8 – 10 thousand dollars.

Do you know that a funeral service and a memorial service are different? A funeral service is a service held to memorialize the deceased person with their body present. A memorial service is a service held to memorialize a deceased person without their body present.

The easiest way to remember this is; if the body is present, it is a funeral service. If the body is not present it is a memorial service.

In many funeral homes there is a chapel for a funeral or memorial service to be conducted.

A funeral allows family and friends to remember and honor their loved one in a special way. It serves as a gathering place for them to lend emotional support, express thoughts and feeling with one another.

We have a wide variety of pulpits, podiums and lecterns to fit your funeral home décor

  1. TSP-120, Church Wood Tiered Pulpit.  This Beautiful Tiered Wood Pulpit is ideal for all your presentation needs.


  1. NO 8401, Church Wood Pedestal Pulpit.


  1. NC10/NC10G. Prestige Glass Pulpit FOUNDATION. Our timeless classic, the Foundation Pulpit. This traditional pulpit design, crafted in contemporary glass.


  1. FPL245, Non Sound Full Pedestal Lectern.


  1. Model E, Acrylic Lectern.


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Easter… New Life, Rebirth and Hope

The calendar may indicate March 20th as the official first day of spring, but many may consider Easter the unofficial start of spring, as it symbolizes new life, rebirth and hope.

Easter is a movable feast, which means it does not fall on a fixed date every year, its date is determined on a lunisolar calendar.

The word “Easter” originates from the Saxon pagan festival honoring the Goddess “Eastre”, who’s symbol is the rabbit. This may be where the notion of the Easter Bunny came from.

To Christians Easter is the celebration of the resurrection of Jesus Christ from the dead. It offers us the hope of everlasting life.

There are many facts about Easter, that you may or may not know about. Here are just a few to share with you.

  • The first story of the Easter Bunny hiding eggs was published in 1680.
  • The White House Easter Egg Roll was initiated by Dolly Madison, wife of President James Madison in 1814 and was held on the grounds of the capital. President Rutherford B. Hayes moved it to the White House lawn in 1878.
  • The implementation of celebrating Easter in the United States did not reach popularity until sometime around the civil war.
  • Approximately 1.5 billion “Peeps” are sold for Easter.
  • Americans spend 1.9 billion on Easter candy and of that 70% of it is chocolate.
  • Egg dyes were once made out o natural materials, such as onion peels, tree bark, flower petals and juices.

Of course, we can’t forget about the traditions that are associated with Easter.

  • Sunrise service
  • Serving Ham (which is the most common meat)
  • Dyeing eggs
  • The Easter Bunny
  • Chocolate Bunnies
  • Easter Baskets
  • Egg Hunts (the first game ever invented)
  • Jelly Beans

Easter is celebrated all over the world, with countries celebrating in very different ways.

Spain – Celebrates with 52 different religions parading through the streets, manifesting the crucifixion of Jesus Christ. The daily procession of marching bands and decorated candlelit floats with Baroque Statues illustrating the Easter story.

Sweden – Easter is a lot like our Halloween. Children dress up as Easter Witches and go from home to home in their neighborhoods trading paintings and drawings in hope of receiving sweet treats.

Bermuda – Locals celebrate by flying home-made kites, which symbolizes Christ’s ascension to Heaven.

Germany – Easter Eggs are displayed on trees. The tree will have thousands of multi-colored eggs hanging from them.

As Easter is one of the most important religious holidays for Christians, churches will start to gear up and renew their sanctuaries for the many services that will be held during Holy Week.

If you are in need of new church furnishings, we have a variety of items to fit your décor.

  1. NO 810W, Church Wood Pulpit. This Beautiful Walk-In Wood Pulpit is ideal for all your presentation needs.


  1. NO 815, Communion Table.  A solid wood Communion table which is a great match for the NO 810W and NO 811 Series Pulpits.


  1. NC2W, Prestige Speaker Stand. Designed as an accent piece for your platform or as a secondary podium, the Speaker is expertly crafted, light, portable and durable.


  1. NO 900 FLW, Flower Stand. 900 Pedestal Flower Stand.  Great Match with the Communion Tables and Podiums. 


  1. NC5/NC5G, Prestige Glass Offering Box. Floor Model Style Offering Box in glass and oak with handles and key-locking side panel.


  1. TWP-105 Set, Church Pulpit Set. This Winged Pulpit Set is ideal for all your presentation needs.

 Please see our website at, for more church furnishings.

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