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Why Should I Have A Podium Or Lectern For My Rental Business? 0

As a Party Rental Company, you are essential to many businesses and individuals, as you offer an extensive inventory of products for them to host the perfect event.

Your customers have a specific vision and items they need and want to create the right atmosphere for an award ceremony, company meeting, training session, etc. One of those items that may be needed is a podium or lectern.

In renting a podium or lectern for their event the customer is saving time, money, and storage space.

You may be asking what is the advantage of having a podium or lectern for rent?

  • Adds revenue to your business, after original investment
  • Catering to customers short-term equipment needs
  • Adds to your customer base
  • Ensures the success of your client’s events, meetings, etc.
  • Provides a specialty niche’
  • Gives you a competitive edge against your competition.

We have many types, styles and sizes of podiums and lecterns to fit your clientele needs, ranging from traditional to bold and modern.


See all our styles at www.podiumsdirect.com


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Audio Visual Companies Can Add Impact To An Event With A Podium Or Lectern 0

Your profession in the Audio-Visual market is to help your clients with all aspects of their event, from technical elements, lighting, sound, video, to needed equipment.

A podium or lectern is a piece of equipment that can enhance any conference, award ceremony, fundraiser and many more events.

They can add impact, help engage the attendees and instill confidence in the presenters or speakers, as well as put the finishing touch on your customer’s event.

In providing a podium or lectern for your clients, you are ensuring the success of the event, and meeting their needs.

We have many styles that can be integrated and work to give the event a cohesive aesthetic and pleasing look.






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Space Saving …. Podiums and Lecterns 0

Do you need a podium or lectern? But have a small space that needs to be used economically.

We understand the challenges that a small space brings.

That is why we have space saving podiums and lecterns in a variety of styles and medias.

What about quality? Just because you have a small area doesn’t mean you should sacrifice quality, impression, and distinction that a podium makes.

Quality is not reserved for bigger, more expensive podiums. Space saving podiums and lecterns are made with the same exacting methods as our larger ones.

These lecterns offer design, durability, and functionality as a larger lectern only with a smaller footprint. They will serve you well in any church, school, or business environment.

NC26/NC26G, Glass Pulpit Prestige 5 Panel

777, Wood with Acrylic Pulpit Exhorter

In conclusion, the small footprint lectern can do it all.

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  • Mark Korte

The Revolution In Valet Podiums Has Come 0

Valet podiums haven’t changed in decades, until now.

The valet podium has been invaded by a new revolutionary design.

With the traditional podium it required bending over to retrieve keys. This new design eliminates bending to retrieve keys.

This unique valet podium is modern in style, safe, secure, organized, easy to use and made to last in harsh conditions.

One of the functions of this podium is to streamline the flow of the valet attendants’ job, by making it more efficient and cost effective.

Two models are available: the 100 Key Slot and 200 Key Slot. Both come with a host of features, based on the model.  One unordinary feature is that it comes in four attractive colors; Black, White, Red and Blue.





This podium is a MUST for all Parking Ramps, Businesses, Hotel and Restaurant Environments.

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  • Mark Korte

Does Anyone Use A Podium Anymore? 0

When people ask, what I do for a living, they are surprised to learn that my business is selling lecterns and podiums.

Inevitably, they ask who uses a podium or lectern anymore?

My answer, many facilities do and for a variety of uses.

Our orders come from a wide variety of entities, such as Churches, Educational Facilities, Military Base, Senior/Assisted Living Facilities, Charity and Volunteer Organizations, Banquet/Reception Halls, Government Agencies, Libraries, Hotels, Restaurants, Funeral Homes and many more.

As for the uses of a lectern or podium there are many, including but not limited to, Conducting Lectures, Meetings, Training Sessions, Sermons, Award and Graduation Ceremonies, Check-In /Security and Valet Stations, Student Orientation, Debate Competitions, Classrooms, etc.

With the numerous array of styles and use of materials, we are confident you will find a podium or lectern to fit your venue.




Visit Our Website Today At www.podiumsdirect.com

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Chapels Need A Pulpit, Podium or Furnishing Too 0

The word “chapel” conjures up many images and meanings.

If you look up the definition of “chapel, you will find that it is: A small building for Christian worship or a room or building in which funeral services are held and many more definitions.

But, today, chapels serve a wide variety of faiths, including Christians, Judaism, Muslims, Buddhism, etc.

Chapels can be found within hospitals, military bases, prisons, cemeteries, airports, funeral homes, and universities; where they fill a religious, spiritual, and cultural need.

These chapels are often decorated with nature themes or symbols of many religions or other non-denominational designs.

Chapels, meditation, or prayer rooms serve as a quiet, peaceful, relaxing, and stress-free place where employees, patients, visitors, or travelers can pray, meditate and/or worship.

Often times a chaplain or religious leader will have scheduled mass or religious services in a hospital chapel for patients, visitors and staff.

The pulpit, podium, or altar they use may be on castors (wheels), so it can be moved into place while they conduct the service and rolled out of the way when not in use.

PDCEL, Handcrafted Solid Hardwood Lectern Celebrity


GRAD411, Hardcrafted Solid Hardwood The Graduate


Another type of chapel is the Wedding Chapel, like the ones in Las Vegas or Mall of America, that are solely dedicated to marrying couples.

These are unique, sophisticated, and intimate places to tie the knot.

There is an ordained minister on staff and the décor can feature a pulpit or podium and flower stands.

  1. NO 8401, Church Wood Pulpit Pedestal

  1. NO 8400, Flower Stand

  1. NO 5402, Church Wood Pulpit Pedestal

  1. NO 500, Flower Stand

If your chapel is in need of a pulpit, podium, or other furnishings, please go to our website at www.podiumsdirect.com and see all our products.

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  • Mark Korte