A Podium Or Lectern With A Mix Of Traditional And Contemporary Styles

A few years ago, the traditional wood podium, pulpit or lectern was popular, but that has begun to change.  We see that reflected in the orders our customer’s place. Most often they are a mix of traditional and contemporary styles.

The most popular of these mixed styles is the Wood with Acrylic Podiums, Pulpits and Lecterns.

It integrates wood and acrylic seamlessly together to become the focal point of your presentation, whether in a church, school, or business.

The Acrylic with Wood Podium, Pulpit and Lectern has a modern elegance that makes it distinctive and at the same time impressive, which makes it perfect for any décor.

            702, Wood with Acrylic Proclaimer Pulpit with Wings.

Wood with Acrylic Pulpit w/Wings 702 Proclaime

            Customer No. 5, Wood with Acrylic Pulpit

Wood with Acrylic Pulpit Custom No. 5

            FLCTSHLFRMA, Wood with Acrylic Curved Sides, Frosted Front Panel-              Mahogany Pulpit

Wood with Acrylic Pulpit Curved Sides, Frosted Front Panel-Mahogany

            CVWDLCTBK, Wood with Acrylic Public Speaking Stand       

Wood with Acrylic Public Speaking Stand


See this link for more styles of Wood with Acrylic Podiums. Link:


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