Academic Podiums Not Just For Graduation

There are many uses for a podium in an academic environment.

A podium may be used at a student orientation to introduce students to their new academic environment, faculty members and what is expected of them as a student body.

In Prep Rallies a podium is used by students and faculty to invigorate school spirit and to honor the future and pay respects to past events. Team captains use it to let their fellow students know how their teams are doing.

Debate competitions use a podium to argue in favor (pro) and argue opposition (con) to a selected topic. The skills used in debate, train students in good public speaking, practice civility under pressure and become quick and critical thinkers.

Athletic Awards Banquets or Ceremonies are other events that a podium is used.

Usually held in the school auditorium or gymnasium, this event includes lots of speeches given behind a podium. Coaches talk about the team’s accomplishments and acknowledges the athletes hard work.  Students thank their coaches and parents.

In a Graduation Ceremony the podium is placed in the center of the stage and should be equipped with a microphone and display the school logo or crest.

A chairperson, chancellor or principal steps up to the podium to give a welcome address, then a guest speaker will give an inspirational address and offer graduates valuable advice for the future. 

After the guest speaker concludes their address, the valedictorian will thank the guest speaker, family and friends for coming to the ceremony and supporting them.  Then proceed in giving a heartfelt speech.

Speeches and presentations given behind a podium are skills that can benefit a person throughout their lives and help in job interviews, career advancement, conducting business meetings and hone effective communication.

Now, you know how important a podium is to an academic facility and the valuable life skills it is giving students.


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