Accessories… Put The Finishing Touches On Your Podium

Now that you received your podium, you discovered that you don’t have any where to put your microphone and you can’t see your presentation or sermon notes.

Don’t Panic!  Podium accessories are here!

There are many accessories available, depending on your needs, to put the final touches on your podium.

The two most essential accessories would be;

The first being, a Mic Mounting Kit.

S1040, Screw-On Flexible Mic Mounting Kit.

S1040 Screw On Flexible Mic Mounting Kit

S1042, Clamp-On Flexible Mic Mounting Kit.

S1042 Clamp-On Flexible Mic Mounting Kit


The second would be LED Podium Lights.

The lights are modern in style with LED lights and a sturdy, flexible Goose-Neck that can be positioned in many directions. They are sure to illuminate your notes.

PD102, 2 LED Single Head Podium Clip Light.

2 LED Single Head Podium Clip Light

PD202, Dual Head 2 LED Podium Clip On Light.

Dual Head 2 LED Podium Clip On Light

 PDLED510, Clip-On LED Podium Light.


Clip-on LED Podium Light


There are many other accessories that may be beneficial to you as well.

A Podium Cover will protect your lectern investment, by preserving the finish, keep it free of dust and safeguard it from scratches and chips, when not in use.

6274-5891, Podium Cover.

Podium Cover

Podium Timer Clocks can be used to time your presentation and make sure every presenter stays within their allotted time frame.

PD-08649-10, Podium Clock Timer.

PD-08649-10 Podium Clock Timer

S1321, Podium Clip-On Clock Timer.


Other podium accessories becoming popular in this digital age are tablet and smart phone holders. It is a fast and easy way to mount your mobile devise that has your notes or speech downloaded without using paper, which makes it environmentally friendly

TCM 1908, Grip On Universal Mount with Bullet-Nose Clamp for Podium.

Grip On Universal Mount with Bullet-Nose Clamp for Podium

FAUTH, Flax Arm Tablet Holder.

FAUTH Flax Arm Tablet Holder

TCM9161, iPad Snap On Cover with Round Clamp On for Podium.

IPad Snap On Cover with Round Clamp On for Podium

We invite you to explore all our accessories, using this link:

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