All Saints Day A Day Of Celebration To Honor All Saints

What Is All Saint’s Day? It is a celebration to honor all the saints known and unknown.

It is also known as All Hallow’s Day, All Hallomas or Feast of All Saints.

There are symbols associated with All Saint’s Day; Sheath of Wheat, Hand of God, Crown and Symbols of Individual Saints.

When Is It Celebrated? In the United States it is celebrated annually on November 1st.

It is not a public holiday in the United States, but in many Christian countries it is a national holiday.

Pope Gregory III, made All Saint’s a Holy Day and Pope Gregory IV, made All Saint’s Day an authorized religious holiday.

Why Is It Celebrated? Christians believe that there is a spiritual bond or connection between those that have passed and gone to heaven and those that are living.

How Do People Celebrate? Countries around the world celebrate All Saint’s Day in different ways.

For example, Spain, Portugal and Mexico; offerings are made on this day.

Belgium, Hungary and Italy; people bring flowers to the graves of relatives.

Austria, Croatia, Poland and Romania; candles are lit on top of deceased relatives’ graves.

In parts of Asia; people visit the graves of relatives and clean or repair tombstones, lay flowers and light candles.

Many families will attend church services, with prayers and responsive readings.

Some churches will remember, members that have passed away that year and light candles as each name is called out.

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