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Are You Afraid To Order A Glass Podium Because Of The Word “Glass”


Don’t be! 

I understand there is a common concern that glass pulpits and communion tables will break easily.

This is a misconception. With safety and durability in mind, we use only 3/8” architectural glass. Glass does not age, weaken or change appearance overtime, like acrylic, plexiglass or plastic does.

There are thousands of churches that have these glass pulpits and communion tables and incidents of breakage are very, very low.

Having said that we do need to acknowledge that proper care and common sense should be used around your glass pulpit or communion table. With that in mind, your glass items will last a lifetime.

If buying a quality pulpit or communion table and saving your congregation time and money in the long run is your goal, then a beautiful, contemporary glass piece is for you.  It will become the focal point of your sanctuary and service.

Another plus to buying a glass pulpit or communion table is you are making a “green” (environmentally friendly) choice.  Glass is made from natural and plentiful materials – sand and silica.

Glass can be recycled time and time again, into new glass without losing its integrity.

Should you at some point choose to dispose or replace your glass pulpit with another style, you will know that it will be recycled and not end up in a landfill.

The are many features and benefits to purchasing a glass pulpit or communion table.

  • Real Glass
  • Quality, Durability and Strength
  • Superb Craftsmanship
  • Made In North America
  • Oak Book Rest (On Pulpits Only) To Keep Books or Papers In Place
  • Oak Base With Recessed Casters, For Ease Of Movement
  • Three Standard Scriptures To Choose From (On Communion Tables Only)
  • Free Custom Etched Logo On Front Panel Of Pulpit
  • Choice Of 10 Wood Stains
  • Comes Fully Assembled, Ready To Use

See our many styles of glass pulpits and communion tables, using this link:

  1. Glass Pulpit NC10/NC10G Prestige FOUNDATIN. A Timeless Classic.


  1. Glass Pulpit NC1/NC1G Prestige WINGED. Provides a stately focus for your worship services.


  1. Glass Pulpit NC2S/NC2SG Prestige The SPEAKER. Designed for the worship team or other presenters in your church.



  1. Glass Communion Table NC41/NC41G Prestige Elegance. Makes the perfect complement to your pulpit and the best part is that comes in three widths, 40”W, 48”W and 60”W.



  1. Glass Communion Table NC40/NC40G Prestige RHEMA. It has a simple elegance all its own.  Also comes in three widths, 40”W, 48”W and 60”W.

In conclusion, when purchasing a glass pulpit or communion table, you will have a quality, durable and a one of a kind piece that will invite and embrace your congregation.

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