Are You Teaching Virtually? Then A Tabletop Lectern or Presentation AV Cart Is For You.

The Covid-19 Pandemic has impacted all of us one way or another.

It is especially true concerning schools.  As it has brought about a debate of when or if school facilities should open.  In the interim many schools are turning to virtual education.

This may be new territory for some teachers.

When providing virtual learning from home you are still providing the same guidance and skills to your students as you would in a classroom.

It is important in virtual teaching to:

  • Establish an at home workspace
  • Be organized
  • Look professional
  • Set a routine
  • Have teaching materials ready and available

To help you be organized and look professional while virtual teaching, we have Tabletop Lecterns and/or Presentation AV Carts.

Tabletop Lecterns are compact, portable, practical, and economically priced.  Link:

Presentation AV Carts are mobile, convenient, and practical. They can hold a laptop, projector, camera, or any other electronic device that may be needed. Link:


Go ahead and check them out today!

Here’s to a successful school year!

Thanks for your continued readership.

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