By Ordering A Podium For Your Casino, You Will Hit The Jackpot

We have seen an increase in sales of our podiums and lecterns to the casino industry in the last year and thought it was time to write about it.

If you think about it, podiums and lecterns can be used in many areas of a casino, such as:

  • Restaurants – As a Host Stand, that can accommodate seating charts, reservation logs and menus.
  • Concierge – It creates a more welcoming and accessible environment, compared to a desk.
  • Shops – Can be used to promote products.
  • Ticket Stand – For In-House Theaters, to collect tickets and welcome patrons.
  • Valet Parking
  • Conference Rooms – Can be used for company meetings, training sessions, etc.
  • Security Station – for public safety assistance.

With the numerous array of styles and use of materials, we are confident you will find one to fit any area of your casino.


You will hit the jackpot by ordering an affordable, durable, and attractive podium or lectern from Podium Direct Corporation.  Link:

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