Do I Need To Supply My Tax Exemption Certificate To Purchase A Podium?

It is beneficial to you and Podiums Direct that a Tax Exemption Certificate be collected at the time of purchase.

Why is it beneficial to me? The Tax Exemption Certificate is proof that you can legally buy an item tax free.

Why is it beneficial to Podiums Direct? It is important that we have a Tax Exemption Certificate on file for any Tax-Exempt organization transaction or we put ourselves at risk and will be held liable for the unpaid taxes.

Sales Tax Exemption Certificates are required whenever we make a sale of taxable goods and do not collect sales tax in a state in which we are required to.

Who is Tax Exempt? Most likely if you are a school, church, non-profit organization, or charitable organization. If you are unsure, check with your company’s Business Administrator.

What is the renewal period for a Tax Exemption Certificate? This varies by state and by type of exemption issued.

So, at the time of your purchase, our customer service representative will request you to send your Tax Exemption Certificate to

In conclusion, it is important that we collect a Tax Exemption Certificate for each purchase made by a Tax Exempt Organization.

I hope this blog has been helpful and informative.

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