Does Anyone Use A Podium Anymore?

When people ask, what I do for a living, they are surprised to learn that my business is selling lecterns and podiums.

Inevitably, they ask who uses a podium or lectern anymore?

My answer, many facilities do and for a variety of uses.

Our orders come from a wide variety of entities, such as Churches, Educational Facilities, Military Base, Senior/Assisted Living Facilities, Charity and Volunteer Organizations, Banquet/Reception Halls, Government Agencies, Libraries, Hotels, Restaurants, Funeral Homes and many more.

As for the uses of a lectern or podium there are many, including but not limited to, Conducting Lectures, Meetings, Training Sessions, Sermons, Award and Graduation Ceremonies, Check-In /Security and Valet Stations, Student Orientation, Debate Competitions, Classrooms, etc.

With the numerous array of styles and use of materials, we are confident you will find a podium or lectern to fit your venue.




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