Forgotten Items For A Destination Wedding

Destination weddings are very popular today, especially with millennials, who love travel and adventure.

Most interpret a destination wedding, as needing to take place in a foreign country.

In fact, most occur here in the United States, with couples getting married in a different state than where they live.

The definition of a Destination Wedding; is a wedding where the couple marries at least 100 miles from where they live.

With more and more couples paying for their own wedding, a destination wedding can be less expensive than a traditional wedding. One reason it can be less expensive, is the couple only invite their closest family members and friends. The average guest list is 86. It also allows the bride and groom to spend quality time with their guest.

A majority of destination weddings take place during the day, allowing guest to enjoy and embrace the scenery of the wedding location, picked by the bride and groom.

Some may say destination weddings are virtually stress-free.  The reason given is that it is only a click away to book accommodations at a resort that offers wedding planning services and they will take care of everything from room blocks to guest transportation and more.

I don’t believe any wedding regardless whether traditional or destination is stress-free.  There is still a lot of planning to be done.

With a destination wedding there can be a few things that can be over-looked, but are essential, like a lectern for the person officiating the ceremony and readers of scripture or poetry, etc. and guest to sign the register.  Also, a secure place for guest to put cards and flower stands for the bouquets.

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Below are some of the items for your destination wedding:

  1. Portable Presentation Lectern 70 Oklahoma Sound.

Portable Presentation Lectern 70 Oklahoma Sound

  1. Portable Presentation Lectern T-35 Speaker Stand.

Portable Presentation Lectern T-35 Speaker Stand

  1. LCPMKDBK,Portable Presentation Lectern Folding & Light Colum Style.

Portable Presentation Lectern Folding & Light Column Style

  1. LCTCVKDRM, Portable Presentation Lectern Mobile in Mahogany or Black.

Portable Presentation Lectern Mobile in Mahogany or Black

  1. NC51/NC51G, Prestige Glass Tabletop Offering Box

Glass Pulpit NC51/NC51G Prestige Table Top Offering Box

  1. CAFS, Clear Acrylic Flower Stand.

Flower Stand Clear Acrylic

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