How Has The Economic Shortages Affected The Production Of Podiums, Lecterns And Other Church Furnishings

We have all heard of the economic shortages in the United States by television news channels, radio, and social media platforms.

You may ask how does this affect podiums, lecterns, and church furnishings? 

As you might have guessed the economic shortages of lumber (wood), acrylic, metals, packing material, etc., along with labor shortages and the continuation of the Covid Pandemic has had an impact on lead times of our wood, wood and acrylic, acrylic and metal lecterns, podiums, and other church furnishings.

With that being said, lead times that were once 6 – 8 weeks are now 8 – 10 or even 10 – 12 weeks depending on the item.

Our production facilities are working very hard with their material suppliers to get materials in a timely manner, but often there is a delay in getting them.

Also, at this writing our production facilities are short on work force. Much of which is due to the risk of Covid and it’s Delta variant infection, Federal and/or State Unemployment Insurance Benefits have made people less motivated to work and with many schools still closed parents have childcare issues.

Recent studies show the U.S. is 10 million jobs short.

Our facilities are actively trying to recruit skilled workers, so they can keep up with the demand of orders and bring down lead times.

Many of our imported products are out of stock, due to shipping constraints or delays in their arrival and unloading issues at ports across the U.S., like California and New York.

So, what is Podiums Direct doing in regards to these issues?

  • We are keeping customers informed with the most current shipping dates that our production facilities give us for their orders.
  • Working with our production facilities for weekly updates of orders.
  • Posting new lead times on our website for products.

We Thank You for your patience and understanding as we work through these economic challenges.    

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