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Is There A Podium That Can Accommodate Any Speakers Height?


Yes, With Height Adjustable Podiums!


Height Adjustable Podiums are made to assist speakers of different heights. The podiums come in a wide range of styles from classic, contemporary to traditional.

They have the ability, to move up and down easily, to change height based on the presenter, which will make them be seen and heard.

The mechanism used to adjust the height can be either manual, electric or pneumatic depending on the model.

To fit speaker of all heights, the reading surface of the podium can be raised anywhere from 30” at the lowest to 56” at the extended height, contingent on the item you choose.

Many Height Adjustable Podiums feature a work or reading surface that drops from angled to flat for laptop computer use, casters for effortless maneuverability, doors that latch, shelves and sound system.

These podiums offer functionality, practically, durability, as well as comfort. With that being said, Height Adjustable Podiums are ideal for universities, conference rooms, conventions, auditoriums and churches or any other venue.

Our selection of Height Adjustable Podiums, consist of, but not limited to these items:

  1. 70, Oklahoma Sound Portable Presentation Lectern. Practical and convenient speaker stand lectern has an application in every venue. Continuous adjustable height from 30" – 44".


  1. 810, Oklahoma Sound Height Adjustable Non-Sound Orator Podium. The Orator is an impressive and versatile, height-adjustable lectern. Its spacious reading surface adjusts from 42" to 52" high.


  1. LCADJBLK, Height Adjustable Podium. Adjustable height provides comfort for many presenters


  1. CLR235-LIFT, Handcrafted Solid Hardwood Counselor Lift Lectern. The Counselor Lift adds power height adjustment at the touch of a button.


  1. NO 8201 STND, Church Wood Pulpit Pedestal. Has an adjustable book rest that telescopes up and down from 46" - 49".


  1. S505A, AmpliVox Height Adjustable Sound Executive Podium. Height adjusts from 38" – 44" (back) with pneumatic dial control.


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