Local, State and Federal Governments All Use Podiums Or Lecterns

Local, State and Federal government agencies all use a podium or lectern at one time or another.

How they use these podiums or lecterns vary from agency to agency.

Many will use them to address the general public on the State of the State, emergency situations, public health crisis and more.

Candidates for government and public offices give speeches at political rallies from them.

Military bases find them useful for honoring troops and veterans, recruiting, training sessions and briefings.

Homeland Security use them for security stations, checkpoint stations and to address the public about awareness preparation.

Law Enforcement often uses a podium or lectern to address the media.

As an example, we recently had an order from a county court system that are using Tabletop Lecterns in their courtrooms, instead of sharing on main podium, each attorney has their own Tabletop Lectern to present their case.

These podiums and lecterns are attractive, classic, sophisticated with an air of distinction without compromising quality, substance, or functionality.

            NC2W, Church Wood Prestige “The Speaker” Pulpit.

Church Wood Pulpit NC2W Prestige The SPEAKER

            PDROY, Handcrafted Solid Hardwood Royal Lectern

Handcrafted Solid Hardwood Lectern Royal

            PDPRE, Handcrafted Solid Hardwood PD Presidential Non-Sound Lectern

Handcrafted Solid Hardwood Lectern PD Presidential Non-Sound

            W480, Security Station Sentry Mobile Workstation

Security Station W480 Sentry Mobile Workstation

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