Make An Effective And Powerful Presentation With An LCD Podium!

Do you know what LCD means?  Liquid Crystal Display; A display of information on a screen which uses liquid crystal that become visible when electricity is passed through them.

LCD technology is found in computer displays, the electronic industry and now in the podium industry.

LCD podiums have the ability to display images uploaded with a SD-card, flash drive or plug and play laptop interface connection. Some come with a remote control that allows the presenter to switch to various pre-loaded images, diagram and videos with a touch of a button to bring a presentation to life.

These lecterns will make your presentation unique, effective, powerful and will keep the audience engaged.

They are great for corporate training, classrooms, boardrooms and hotels.

So, go ahead and give your speech in style with one of our LCD podiums.

  1. 612, Oklahoma Sound 612 Vision LCD Digital Display Lectern. The perfect lectern for your presentation.

LCD Digital Display Lectern 612 Oklahoma Sound Vision

  1.  612S, LCD Digital Display Lectern Oklahoma Sound Vision.  This lectern helps you make effective and powerful presentations with its contemporary yet simple design.

LCD Digital Display Lectern 612S Oklahoma Sound Vision

  1. SN3265, Visionary Multimedia LCD Digital Display Lectern. Idea for any training room, meeting room, classroom or hotel.

LCD Digital Display Lectern SN3265 Visionary Multimedia

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