Many Podiums and Lecterns Used at Airports and Airlines

You have seen podiums and/or lecterns all over the airport, being used in many different capacities.

The one that comes to mind is the security checkpoint, where they check your ID and Boarding Pass.

But that is only one of the many places where podiums are used inside and outside the airport.

Starting with the main entrance, many airports have a dedicated podium for the police to use for public safety and traffic control.

There may also be a staffed information podium to help passengers navigate the airport, etc.

Also, valet parking is becoming available at some airports, in which a valet station is needed to keep customers vehicle keys and to secure the fees for this service.

Within the airport the use of podiums or lecterns seems endless and varied, such as:

  • Shops in the airport use one to promote products.
  • Screening and property search areas.
  • Customer Assistance Areas – They help passengers with wheelchairs and other needs.
  • Airline Boarding Areas
  • Restaurants – use them as host station to store menus, seating charts, electronic devices, utensils, and other items used on a daily basis.

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