Modern and Casual Podiums For The Non-Denominational Church


In the atmosphere of the casual, comfortable and welcoming environment of a Non-Denominational Church a traditional pulpit or podium would look out of place.

A stylish, contemporary and/or modern podium would be best suited for these surroundings.

But to better understand why, we need to explore the history past and present of the Non-Denominational Church.

In the 20th Century Non-Denominational Churches started to appear in the United States in the form of independent churches.

These churches saw continuing growth, but in the 21st Century, it experienced significant growth, here in the United States and elsewhere.  In fact, it is the third largest Christian group in the United States, after the Roman Catholic Church and Southern Baptist.

The Non-Denominational Church seeks a unique and modern approach to Christianity and can adapt more readily to an ever-changing world.

Young people are attracted to these churches because of the freedom from strict church doctrine and rituals. Also, by people who feel they have been classified as outcast or undesirable by society.  The diversity found within the Non-Denominational Church is also attracting married person with differing religious beliefs or backgrounds.

With their casual and comfortable environment, these churches encourage people to come as you are (jeans, t-shirt, etc.) and join the diverse group of people and follow a policy of accepting followers from a wide range of religious backgrounds.

So, with all this in mind, we have many podiums and lecterns that will be just right for your church.

  1. NC10/NC10G, Prestige FOUNDATION Glass Pulpit. This pulpit designed and crafted in contemporary glass, allows your congregation an unhindered view of the worship service.

Glass Pulpit NC10/NC10G Prestige FOUNDATION

  1. ACRALM, Acrylic Lectern with Post. This acrylic lectern delivers great quality and style to your sanctuary.

Acrylic Lectern with Post

  1. Y-5, Contemporary Lectern and Podium.
Contemporary Lectern and Podium Y-5.
  1. PD-LCD, LCD Digital Display Lectern. Make an effective and powerful sermon or presentation with this LCD podium.

LCD Digital Display Lectern PD-LCD

  1. Metal Truss Lectern 4 Post Curved, Silver. This truss podium is perfect for your church.

Metal Truss Lectern 4 Post Curved. Color: Silver

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