New Podiums…. New Look

Unlike other products, there hasn’t been any major style changes in podiums for years, until now.

Sleek new alternatives to the traditional podiums and lecterns are being produced and we bring you the latest styles and trends.

Designs vary from contemporary to modern to industrial looking and are made of a variety of materials which include, but not limited to aluminum, metal, laminate, and mixed media.

Like traditional podiums and lecterns, they are highly functional, versatile, and affordable, which makes them perfect for a multitude of venues.

Here are some of the newest members in our product line.

GT-PRO, Contemporary Acrylic and Aluminum Podium Curved Aluminum Truss. Silver or Black.


NSMLDC, Contemporary Acrylic and Aluminum Podium Double Column.

ADTMWSB2, Portable Presentation Lectern Mobile Laptop Stand.

These podiums are sure to add flair to your presentation.

Check out these lecterns and all our other products at

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