On-Line Catalogs A Valuable Tool

The cost of printed materials is continually increasing. With that being said, more and more companies are opting to post on-line catalogs on their websites.

This is cost-effective to a business in many ways. The obvious being, saving time and money on printing and mailing cost.

The second is the ease of adding or deleting products, rather than reprinting the catalog.

The third is reaching a wider audience base, due to search engine optimization.

Another is companies can easily customize catalogs based on specific products (ex: Church Wood Pulpits) or target specific group of buyers (Ex: Academic Facilities, Churches, etc.)

What are the benefits of an on-line catalog to consumers?  Customers can view the catalog on-line and can print the whole catalog or just a specific page or pages they need.

Another advantage to the consumer is they won’t get on a mailing list or receive catalogs they don’t want or need.

This makes an on-line catalog environmentally friendly compared to a traditional mail-order catalog.

See our Catalog using this link: https://podiumsdirect.com/pages/pdf

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