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Outdoor Podiums


Can Help You Make Your Next Presentation Memorable

Make a unique and memorable presence at your next presentation outdoors, with a bold and modern style podium that blends into your surroundings.

Podiums for outdoor use are lightweight, durable, weatherproof, waterproof, portable and can withstand outdoor conditions.

What makes them weather and waterproof? They are a one-piece molded unit, made of durable hard ABS plastic, that holds up to tough use indoors and out.

The modern styling is reflected in an elegant sculpted profile with radius corners.

These full height podiums come with a cushion paper stop, an interior shelf and casters for easy maneuverability and portability.

You can choose optional shell colors and insert panel colors, which will allow you to blend in or stand out.

Outdoor podiums are idea for media events, alumni events, fundraisers, reunions, company picnics and many other events.

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  1. AmpliVox Collegiate Multimedia Contemporary Lectern and Podium SN3253.


  1. Chameleon, Contemporary Lectern and Podium. Full Height Non-Sound Lectern.


  1. Presenter, Contemporary Lectern and Podium.


  1. AmplVox Pinnacle Sound Lectern ST3250.


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