Podium Shipments FAQ’S Answered

You as a customer of Podiums Direct Corporation, may have many questions regarding the shipping of your podium, pulpit, lectern or other related products you purchased.

We hope to answer many of your questions in this blog.

 What Are Your Delivery Times?  It depends on the product and delivery location.  Some can be delivered on average of 3 – 14 days, others 6-8 weeks.

Most items in our “Quick Ship” category will ship out within 24 – 72 hours after receipt of order.

What Is The Shipping Cost For Items?  It varies from product to product and delivery location and whether it goes FedEx, UPS or Freight Carrier.

Many items ship for Free and are listed as such on our website, www.podiumsdirect.com.

Free shipping items are limited to the lower 48 United States only.

Where Do You Ship To?  Podiums Direct Corporation ships within the lower 48 United States only. We do not ship to International locations.

Do You Supply Tracking Information?  Yes. Whether a product is ordered on-line or over the phone and is shipped FedEx or UPS, we will send you the tracking number and the link to their website, so you can track your package.

If the product is being delivered by freight carrier, we will e-mail you the name of the freight carrier, phone number of the freight carrier, tracking (pro) number and instructions on how to receive the freight.

I hope this blog answered many of your questions that you had regarding shipment of our products.

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