Podiums For Any Size Space

You know we have Handcrafted Solid Hardwood to modern Acrylic podiums. But, did you know we have podiums that will fit in any space, small to large and anywhere in between.

When you think of a small podium or lectern, do you think of plain and simple styling? That may have been true a few years ago, but today there are many styles and designs available to fit within a space constraint.

Small lecterns or podiums are designed for clients who need a compact lectern that offers the same, impact, elegance and functionality as a full-size lectern, but with a smaller footprint.

  1. 702, Wood with Acrylic Pulpit w/Wings Proclaimer.

Wood with Acrylic Pulpit w/Wings 702 Proclaimer

  1. NC26, Prestige Glass 5 Panel Pulpit.

Glass Pulpit NC26/NC26G Prestige 5 PANEL

  1. FPL245, Non Sound Full Pedestal Lectern.

Non Sound Lectern FPL245 Full Pedestal

  1. ACRPET, Acrylic Lectern La Petite.

Acrylic Lectern La Petite

Just because you have a small area, doesn’t mean you can’t make an impressive and distinctive affect with a podium.

A large podium or pulpit is for the church or facility seeking a podium with presence to fill a large area.

This pulpit becomes the centerpiece and focal point that will invite and embrace the congregation or audience.

  1. 703, Wood and Acrylic Proclaimer Pulpit with Wings.

Wood with Acrylic Pulpit w/Wings 703 Proclaimer

  1. 810 CU, Church Wood Pulpit

Church Wood Pulpit Custom No. 810

  1. NC8WC/NC8CG, Prestige Glass Prestige Winged Pulpit.

Glass Pulpit NC8WC/NC8CG Prestige Winged PRESTIGE

  1. Kings, Acrylic Lectern.

Acrylic Lectern Kings

In conclusion, there are many sizes and styles of podiums, pulpits and lecterns to fit whatever size you have.

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