Portable Presentation Lecterns For Our On-The-Move Society

In This On-The-Go, On-The Move society that we live in, it seems that everything is portable, from; Basketball hoops, Fans, Generators, Laptops to Snacks and Space Heaters.

Did you know that a lectern could be portable?  Indeed, they can be.

Let’s first look into the meaning of Portable:  Able to be easily carried or moved, especially because being a lighter and smaller version than usual.

There are many lecterns that are easily carried or moved and are notable lighter than their standard counterparts.

Next, let’s explore the meaning of Presentation:  A speech or talk in which new products, ideas or piece of work is shown and explained to an audience.

Presentation is a broad term that encompasses all manner of speaking engagements.

The purpose of a presentation is to demonstrate, inform, persuade, inspire or motive.

When you put the two together, you get a Portable Presentation Lectern. 

They are practical and convenient for people that need to give talks or lectures at different locations, corporate training, tradeshows, mobile classrooms, product demonstrations and more.

Portable lecterns are durable, lightweight or folding that can be carried and set up and taken down with ease or shipped from one venue to the next with ease.

These lecterns are also extremely cost effective.

Have a look at our website at www.podiumsdirect.com today, for your Portable Presentation lectern needs. 

Many Styles are available.

  1. Portable Presentation Lectern 311.  This lectern folds up for ease of transportation that can be carried or shipped from one venue to the next. 


  1. Portable Presentation Lectern 70 Oklahoma Sound. Practical and convenient speaker stand lectern has an application in every venue.

Portable Presentation Lectern 70 Oklahoma Sound

  1. Portable Lectern Stand. Durable, versatile, portable and sleek.

Portable Lectern Stand

  1. Portable Presentation Lectern Folding/Collapsible. Mahogany. This is the perfect podium if you travel to make presentations.

Portable Presentation Lectern Folding/Collapsible. Mahogany

  1. Portable Presentation Lectern Soundcraft Systems Spectrum Series. Attractive, yet functional and durable lectern at a most affordable price.

Portable Presentation Lectern Soundcraft Systems Spectrum Series

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