Protect Your Podium Or Lectern Investment

Why not protect your podium or lectern investment, with an optional podium cover or travel/carrying case.

Podium covers, will preserve the finish, keep it free of dust and safeguard it from scratches and chips when not in use and it will be ready to go when you are ready to make a presentation.

Some of our podiums and lecterns have travel/carrying case available as an option.

The travel/carrying case is a worry-free way to protect your podium or lectern when not in use and also provides a safe way to transport it from one venue to another.

They are strong, rugged, sturdy and durable cases with most having heavy-duty handles, heavy-duty web straps and heavy-duty steel corners.

So, you can travel with your podium in confidence without fear of damage.  In addition to all this the case will stand up to wear and tear time after time.

Below are just some of the products we have that offer optional travel/carry cases.

  1. 6274-5891, Podium Cover.

Podium Cover


  1. Y-7.

Portable Presentation Lectern Y-7


Acrylic Lectern Clear with Open Back and Shelf

  1. PD-LCD.

LCD Digital Display Lectern PD-LCD

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