Pulpit, Podium and Lecterns Are An Essential Item In The Entertainment Industry

Have you ever watched a movie, TV series, seen a live performance or awards ceremony that used a pulpit, podium or lectern?

My answer is yes, and I believe yours is too.

I can recall courtroom drama series, TV series and award ceremonies, such as the Oscars, Golden Globes and Music Awards featuring a pulpit, podium, or lectern.

In the case of a courtroom drama, it is used by lawyers to present their cases.

In a TV series, they may be used in graduation ceremony of characters, lectures in classrooms and church scenes.

And of course, in the case of award ceremonies it is used to present awards and the winners to make their acceptance speeches.

A pulpit, podium or lectern in the entertainment business is an essential item to have in a prop warehouse.

We have many styles to fit any type of set.

Below are just a few examples of styles we have.

PDCON, Handcrafted Solid Hardwood Lectern Conquest.

Handcrafted Solid Hardwood Lectern Conquest

PDSPA, Handcrafted Solid Hardwood Lectern Spartan.

Handcrafted Solid Hardwood Lectern Spartan

TSP-620, Church Wood Pulpit Colonial Tiered

Church Wood Pulpit Colonial Tiered TSP-620

Model C, Acrylic Lectern Model C

Acrylic Lectern Model C

See our website at www.podiumsdirect.com to see all our products.

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