Pulpit Sets Are A Time Saving Way To Order Sanctuary Furniture

Are you or your church members spending hours researching pulpit furniture for your new or remodeled sanctuary?

We ask why? You may answer. We are trying to find the right style, at the right price and pieces that coordinate together.

For those reason, we created our pulpit sets. To ensure churches have a one stop, time saving shop, with matching sanctuary furniture.

Pulpit sets can come in a multitude of different combinations, such as;

A pulpit, communion table and clergy chairs

A pulpit, communion table, clergy chairs and flower stands or

A pulpit, communion table and baptismal font

And many other combinations.

We also offer them in an array of materials, ranging from wood, wood and acrylic, glass or acrylic.

Styles are available from traditional to contemporary at budget friendly prices.

  1. 702 Pulpit Set. The Proclaimer Series church furniture line is one of our most popular contemporary styles mixing wood with acrylic.

Church Pulpit Set 702 Proclaimer

  1. NO 900W Pulpit Set. This Beautiful Wood Pulpit Set is ideal for all your presentation needs.

Church Pulpit Set NO 900W

  1. 3750 Pulpit Set.


  1. NC1/NC1G Pulpit Set. This elegant pulpit set invites and embraces the congregation.

Church Pulpit Set NC1/NC1G Prestige Winged

  1. Model E Pulpit Set.

Church Pulpit Set Acrylic Model E

To see our other available pulpit sets, click on this link: https://podiumsdirect.com/collections/pulpit-sets

Thanks again for joining us today, for this blog.


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