Sanctuary Furnishing Can Invite And Embrace The Congregation

The first four centuries of the church, believers met in privately owned homes.

In the early 19th century as the western frontier of the United States opened, there was an explosive growth in and among churches.  Worship conditions on the frontier were rustic and very simple.

Today, sanctuary furnishings have a distinction and elegance that invite and embrace the congregation.

The are many words associated with the interior of a church, in this blog we will focus on a few of them.

  • Sanctuary – Is the entire room in which the worship service is held.
  • Nave – The pat of the church that accommodates the congregation. Usually separated from the chancel by steps or railing.
  • Chancel – The elevated front part of the church from which the service is conducted.

Now, let us focus on the furnishings associated with the church.

In many churches there are two speaker stands; one is the pulpit and one is the lectern.

The pulpit is positioned in the chancel and used by the clergy to read the gospel and preach the sermon.

On the other hand, the lectern is used by church members to read the scriptures, lead the congregation in prayer and make announcements.  This is also located in the chancel.

The other two pieces of furniture that are in the chancel are the altar/communion table, which the clergy use for communion.  This piece is most often placed in the center of the chancel.

Then there are the clergy chairs; it has been felt a proper to provide special seating for the clergy, considering the dignity of the leader of the church and a reminder to us of the order in the Christian ministry.  These chairs are always facing the congregation.

Pew are in the nave and are long, backed benches upon which several congregants can sit.  These are usually fixed to the floor.

More and mores churches today are opting for church or congregational chairs, which are movable and can be configured in a variety of ways to meet the needs and activities of the members.

Another furnishing found in the church is the baptismal font. It is a receptacle in which water is held for baptism.  Baptism signifies the washing away of sins and the entrance in the Christian church and life. Through baptism you are forgiven of past indiscretion through faith in Christ. The font can be positioned in many places within the sanctuary.  In my experience, I have seen it in the chancel or the front part of the nave, between the center aisle.

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Thanks again for joining us today to read this blog. If you enjoyed it, pass it forward.

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