Tabletop Lecterns… Also Known As A Desk Podium

Tabletop Lecterns are often referred to as a Desk Podium, as they sit on top of a table or desk, as the name implies.

Tabletop Lecterns are compact, portable, practical, and economically priced for businesses, classrooms, clubs and more.

Generally used anywhere that is short of room for a full-size podium.

In contradiction to that, with the current Covid-19 crisis, we recently had an order from a court system that are using them in their courtroom. Instead of sharing one main podium, each attorney has their own Tabletop/Desk Lectern to present their case.

In these uncertain times, another plus of a Tabletop Lectern is their smaller size, which makes cleaning them faster and easier, if multiple people were to use them.

So, in conclusion these lecterns are great for social distancing, health, and safety measures.

Our collection of Tabletop/Desk Lecterns features wood, acrylic and glass.

They can be found using this link:

  1. PAT023-TT, Tabletop Lectern “The Patriot”.

 Tabletop Lectern "The Patriot"

  1. ACRTBLTP, Tabletop Lectern Clear Acrylic.

 Tabletop Lectern Clear Acrylic

  1. NC2T/NC2TG, Tabletop Prestige Glass Lectern.

 Tabletop Lectern NC2T/NC2TG Prestige Glass

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