The Evolution of the Baptismal Font

Baptism is one of the most important rituals in Christian churches and a ritual that is unique to Christianity. Baptism signifies the washing away of sins and the entrance into the Christian life. Through baptism you are forgiven of past indiscretion, through faith in Christ.

The history of the Baptism Font is also unique, as we will explore in this blog.

Baptism evolved from the Jewish act of cleansing, which had to occur before anyone could participate in religious rituals or ceremonies. The cleansing ceremonies would take place outdoors in a natural source of clean water, like a river or stream.  Jesus was cleansed in the river Jordan, which we today, call the baptism of Jesus Christ.

Christians were heavily persecuted and going to the rivers and streams for baptism was dangerous. So, Christians met in private homes to worship and perform baptism rituals. In the homes where they met shallow ankle-deep reservoirs were carved from the rock to collect the natural spring water that was poured from a vase over the head of the person being baptized.

As Christianity grew, the introduction of infant baptism was growing as well.  This changed the structure of baptism, instead of a shallow reservoir in the floor, three to four feet high walls of bricks were constructed with an opening in the middle to accommodate a person holding a child and water being poured over the infant’s head.

With the growth and legalization of Christianity, Baptismal Fonts became an important visual focal point of churches. Traditional fonts were often octagonal, which symbolizes that creation was completed in seven days and the eighth signifies the new creation.

Today, Baptismal Fonts can be seen in many shapes and styles, most often matching the church décor or architecture.

The ever-present font is a reminder for those who have been baptized that they are members of the body of Christ and an invitation that the church is always ready to receive new members of Christ the Son of God.

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Baptismal Font NO 400

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We hope that you found this blog intriguing. If so, pass it on.  As always, thanks for reading.

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