The Functionality of Multimedia Lecterns and Podiums

The word “multimedia” is commonly used today, but to you know the elements of it.

The five multimedia elements are text, image, audio, video and animation.

As the name implies, multimedia is the integration or combination of multiple forms of media, so that the benefits of each can be used in a desktop environment.

With a multimedia podium you can make a powerful presentation no matter what form of media or equipment you use.

These podiums were designed with simple, clean lines and functionality in mind. They also have ample storage space to keep everything you need within reach to deliver your speech. When not in use the podium serves as a secure storage area for all your audio, visual and other electronic devices.

Multimedia lecterns can feature options like cable management within the unit, lockable storage areas, casters and more.

The versatility of these podiums make them great for classrooms, offices, conference centers, auditoriums, corporate training sites, churches and more.

Below are some of the multimedia podiums we have available on our website.

  1. OLILCTMMLBK, Multimedia Lectern 41” Rolling. This podium is idea for the any school, business, restaurant and more.

Multimedia Lectern 41" Rolling

  1. PDMON, Multimedia Lectern Monarch. 

Multimedia Lectern Monarch

  1. PDCOM, Multimedia Lectern Commander.

Multimedia Lectern Commander

  1. SS3230, AmpliVox Smart with Sound Multimedia Lectern.

Multimedia Lectern SS3230 AmpliVox Smart with Sound

  1. SW3430, AmpliVox Wireless Smart Multimedia Lectern. The Multimedia Smart Lectern is ideal for classrooms and corporate training sites.

Multimedia Lectern SW3430 AmpliVox Wireless Smart

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