The Future Has Come To The Podium World… In One Powerful Solution

Are you tired of using white boards, interactive panels, projectors, or other bulky presentation equipment?

With the Pilot X, those days will be over.

It combines every essential classroom technology into one convenient wireless station, to increase your teaching, training or conference mobility and student, employee, or audience engagement.

The Pilot X innovations include:

  • Ultra HD Casting
  • 4K Video
  • Bi-Directional Multi-Touch 4K Digital Slate (Tablet)
  • Fold-Out 13 MP Document Camera
    • Lesson Recorder
    • Scanner
    • Show & Tell Device
    • Web Camera
    • Audio Recorder
    • Screen Recorder
    • Video Logger
  • Ergonomic Mobile Podium
  • Pop-Out Keyboard
  • Lockable Tablet Bay
  • Magnetic Tablet Dock



Classroom, training sessions and conferences will be transformed with the Pilot X mobility, high performance, small footprint and more.

Why not bring your lessons, training, and conference agendas into the future with the Pilot X.

Thank You.

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