Tithing and “Free Will” Offering, Both Have A Common Goal

In English, Greek and Hebrew the word “Tithe” derives from “10” and means setting aside a tenth of one’s income.

The origin of tithing is unknown, but the first biblical account is in the Old Testament. Abraham on his return for battle, gave Melchizedek (King of Salem) a tenth of his spoils.  Another account is of Jacob (Abraham’s grandson), who promised to give God a tenth of all that God gave him, if God would restore him to his father’s house in peace.

Moses inserted Tithing in the law, to be imposed upon the Israelites during the life of the nation’s stay in Canaan.

In the New Testament tithing was abolished when Christ died on cross, because of its many faults and imperfections.  Tithing was thought to be a fix law of taxation imposed upon another person without his consent.

The church at Jerusalem was the first church under the apostles, that instead of Tithing or giving a tenth of one’s income, giving was voluntary.

The church at Corinth and all the churches of Galatia were not tithing either. Their system of giving was one of “free will” offering.

Now we fast forward to colonial times. Colonial churches did not depend on tithing or voluntary giving, instead they were funded through public taxes and fees.

Early in the 19th Century America ended state support of churches and tithing and offering once again became the standard practice of churches to support their ministry.

Many believe that a gift given to the church, must be from the heart and of “free will”, not forced, demanded or requested.

Whether you Tithe or give by “free will” offering, they have one big thing in common. They both work to support and build the community of God.

In today’s uncertain world, wouldn’t you like to know that your tithe, offering or donation to the church, will be secure, safe and confidential. This is the reason why Tithe/Offering Boxes are an important and valuable part of any church.

We have styles that will compliment your worship facility. 

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Tithe Box NO 18 Tithe/Prayer Box

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Tithe Box NO 50 Tithe/Prayer Box

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