Today’s Libraries, Not Just Books… Programs With A Podium Or Lectern

Traditionally, libraries were a place set apart to contain books, periodicals and other materials for reading, viewing, listening, studying and reference that may be read or borrowed.

Today, many libraries offer public spaces for library programs, community and cultural events.

These public spaces are used by local and cultural organizations, along with businesses to hold informational meetings, conferences, lectures and other special events throughout the year.

The functionality of these events is to promote lifelong learning through a broad range of topics to a diverse group of people, including business professionals, parents, students and community members, etc.

With an increase in these programs many libraries have invested in a podium or lectern to accommodate these events.

Our collection of podiums and lecterns consist of many styles and models that will fit any library.

  1. K-2, Contemporary Lectern and Podium.

Contemporary Lectern and Podium K-2

  1. ACRKD, Acrylic Lectern KD Clear with Shelf.

Acrylic Lectern KD Clear with Shelf

  1. PDCEL, Handcrafted Solid Hardwood Lectern Celebrity.

Handcrafted Solid Hardwood Lectern Celebrity

  1. CPD677-EV, Handcrafted Solid Hardwood Lectern CPD677-EV Collegiate Evolution.

Handcrafted Solid Hardwood Lectern CPD677-EV Collegiate Evolution

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