Top Ten List of Church Pulpits , Podiums & Lecterns

Our Top Ten List
Church Pulpits, Podiums and Lecterns!


When you think of Church Pulpits, Podiums or Lecterns, you may think that traditional styles, would be the most popular.

That may have been true a few years ago, but now with more styles and designs available and changes in church décor, that has begun to change.  We see that reflected in the orders our customer's place.  Most often they are a mix of traditional and contemporary.

The Lineup of our Top Ten Church Pulpits :

  1. Our Acrylic Lectern – ACKDL with Shelf and Three Cross Logo. It fits perfectly with any budget and any traditional or modern décor. 

Acrylic Church Lectern with Shelf and Three Cross Logo

   2.  Model E Acrylic Lectern is popular, because of its large surface area.

Model E Acrylic Lectern

  1. The Timeless Classic is the NC10/NC10G Glass Foundation Pulpit. This lifetime traditional, yet contemporary unit is made of 3/8” thick architectural glass.

Glass Church Pulpit Foundation

  1. Colonial Style Custom 810 CU, is popular because of its style and is a walk-in pulpit. Also features a shelf and ample surface space for a Bible, sermon notes, songbooks and beverage.

Traditional Colonial Church Pulpit

  1. Church Wood Pulpit 300 Victory Style is a beautiful design, featuring fluting for a look of elegance that makes this one popular.

V Shape Church Wood Pulpit with Cross

  1. Our “Big Church” Podium is the 703 Proclaimer, that is 84” wide. Made of Solid Oak with an Acrylic Front Panel.

Large Wood and Acrylic Pulpit with Wings

  1. The 702 Proclaimer is a smaller version of the 703 and is 54” Wide. This one is popular, because of its size, not too large or too small.

Wood and Acrylic Pulpit with Wings

  1. 702W Proclaimer is the white with stained accent version of the 702. The two-tone coloring is popular with many customers.

White and Acrylic Pulpit with Wings.   

  1. 900 Church Wood Pulpit with Cross, Fluting, and Scrollwork, is a more traditional style, featuring fluted posts, corner dental molding and rosettes. It features an adjustable Bible Shelf and Fixed Shelf on Back.  Styling and the adjustable Bible Shelf is what makes this one popular.

Traditional Style Church Wood Pulpit with Cross 

  1. 900-W is the White with stained accent version of the 900.

White Church Wood Pulpit with Cross

As you read about our Top Ten Church Pulpits, Podiums and Lecterns, you realized that they range from traditional to contemporary and everything in between.

We have many styles for you to explore that will fit your sanctuary. 

To see our selection, visit our website at or contact us at 800-421-9678.

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