What Are Podiums, Pulpits and Lecterns Made Of?

We get asked this question on a regular basis.

A few years ago, there was only one option: wood.  Today, there are many options from Acrylic to Wood.  There is one to fit any environment and décor.

Acrylic – These contemporary, yet functional podiums, pulpits and lecterns are durable, impact resistant, lightweight, brilliant in clarity and easy to clean. The best part is there is one to fit any budget.

ACRKD, Acrylic Lectern KD Clear with Shelf.    

Acrylic Lectern KD Clear with Shelf

Acrylic and Aluminum – A mix of Acrylic Panels and Aluminum Posts. They will fit well in both a traditional and contemporary setting.

SN3080, Contemporary Acrylic and Aluminum Podium

Contemporary Acrylic and Aluminum Podium SN3080 Alumacrylic

Glass – Made of 3/8” Thick Architectural Glass, these podiums, pulpits and lecterns are timeless, classic and traditional, that are made to impress.  Another plus is that they are Green (environmentally friendly) choice.

NC1/NC1G. Glass Prestige WINGED Pulpit.

Glass Pulpit NC1/NC1G Prestige WINGED

Hard ABS Plastic – The one-piece molded units are lightweight, durable, weatherproof, waterproof, and portable with modern styling.

Chameleon, Contemporary Lectern and Podium.

s Contemporary Lectern and Podium Chameleon

Metal Truss – These attractive, modern, industrial feel podiums are an assembly of metal beams and/or other metal elements that create a rigid structure, which are durable, lightweight and will fit into any small or large professional environment.

JP1, Original Metal Truss Lectern.

Metal Truss Lectern JP1 Original

Wood – High quality solid wood podiums, pulpits and lecterns are made by skilled craftspeople. They are strong, sturdy, durable, beautiful, yet functional.  These serve well in many venues, including academic, churches, corporate and conference facilities.

PDCEL, Handcrafted Solid Hardwood Celebrity Lectern.

Handcrafted Solid Hardwood Lectern Celebrity

Wood and Acrylic – A simple integration of wood and acrylic make these podiums the focal point of our presentation, whether in a church, school, or business.

702, Wood and Acrylic Proclaimer Pulpit with Wings.

 Wood with Acrylic Pulpit w/Wings 702 Proclaimer

I hope this brought you some insight into the many different materials that podiums, pulpits, and lecterns are made of.

Thanks for joining me today, for this blog.

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