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Why Good Customer Service Is So Important


Have you ever been some place and heard people complain about customer service or the lack of? And that customer service is a thing of the past.  I certainly have.

It is easy to see why people say that, with self-checkout counters, bagging your own groceries, self-service gas stations, on-line shopping, etc., it seems like there isn’t a need for customer service.

But, now more than ever customer service should be an important part of every business, every day.

What is customer service?  It is the assistance, advice and knowledge by a company to the consumers, who buy or use its products or services.

There are several factors that make up good customer service:

  1. Know your product and/or services that your company sells. You and your employees need to know what you are selling inside and out.
  2. Let customers know how important they are to you and your business, by interacting with them in a friendly, helpful and positive manner.
  3. The ability to exchange information, news or ideas effectively to the consumers.
  4. Good listening skills. Understanding what the customer is asking and what their needs are and addressing those needs directly.
  5. Show respect to the customer.
  6. Thanking the customer for their business.
  7. Meet or exceed the customers’ expectations.

The benefits of good customer service has many rewards, including, repeat customers, more sales, better cash flow, people will share their positive experience by word of mouth or posting an on-line positive review of your product and/or company.

Creating excellent customer service experiences, plays a major role in your companies’ success and can separate you from your competition.

Our mission at Podiums Direct has always been to provide exceptional customer service and the Best Choice for Sound and Non-Sound Lecterns, Podiums and Pulpits.

Hope this Blog has been helpful, and I want to thank you for reading it.

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