Chapels Need A Pulpit, Podium or Furnishing Too

The word “chapel” conjures up many images and meanings.

If you look up the definition of “chapel, you will find that it is: A small building for Christian worship or a room or building in which funeral services are held and many more definitions.

But, today, chapels serve a wide variety of faiths, including Christians, Judaism, Muslims, Buddhism, etc.

Chapels can be found within hospitals, military bases, prisons, cemeteries, airports, funeral homes, and universities; where they fill a religious, spiritual, and cultural need.

These chapels are often decorated with nature themes or symbols of many religions or other non-denominational designs.

Chapels, meditation, or prayer rooms serve as a quiet, peaceful, relaxing, and stress-free place where employees, patients, visitors, or travelers can pray, meditate and/or worship.

Often times a chaplain or religious leader will have scheduled mass or religious services in a hospital chapel for patients, visitors and staff.

The pulpit, podium, or altar they use may be on castors (wheels), so it can be moved into place while they conduct the service and rolled out of the way when not in use.

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Another type of chapel is the Wedding Chapel, like the ones in Las Vegas or Mall of America, that are solely dedicated to marrying couples.

These are unique, sophisticated, and intimate places to tie the knot.

There is an ordained minister on staff and the décor can feature a pulpit or podium and flower stands.

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If your chapel is in need of a pulpit, podium, or other furnishings, please go to our website at and see all our products.

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