October, Pastor Appreciation Month, To Pay Tribute And Recognize Clergy Contributions

The month of October has many unofficial holidays. One of them is Pastor Appreciation Month.

How did this concept start? It started with the Apostle Paul, while he was establishing the Christian Church, but the current celebration of Pastor Appreciation Month didn’t begin until 1992.

It’s goal is to uplift, encourage and inspire priest, pastors, reverends, ministers and missionaries and to pay tribute and recognize their contributions to their church members; such as officiating weddings, presiding over funerals, performing baptisms, along with seeing how peoples lives are changed when they accept Christ as their Savior and sharing other significant moments in congregation members lives.

Priest, pastors, reverends, ministers and missionaries faithfully try their best to serve, lead, pray, listen and preach the word of God to and with their congregation members, hoping that their messages are heard, followed and make an impact.

Why not let your Clergy know how much you appreciate them with a gift of a podium, speaker stand, communion table or podium accessory.

  1. Model E. Acrylic Podiums are a very functional piece of equipment.

Acrylic Lectern Model E

  1.  LCTPCRSBLK, Metal Truss Lectern Cross Design. This Metal Cross Lectern is stylish, simple and functional in design.

Metal Truss Lectern Cross Design

  1. T-15, Portable Presentation Lectern T-15 Speaker Stand.  This Presentation Stand has a lift lid storage compartment and is extremely cost effective.

Portable Presentation Lectern T-15 Speaker Stand

  1. ACRCOMTAB2, Communion Table NO 2 Acrylic.

Communion Table NO 2 Acrylic

  1. PDLED510, Clip-On LED Podium Light.

Clip-on LED Podium Light

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