Sermon Stands, Podiums, Lecterns and Pulpits To Serve Your Synagogue Needs

A synagogue (or often called temple) is a Jewish place of worship, as well as a place to study and often serves as a community center.

These synagogues typically contain several prominent pieces of furniture, including:

  1. The Ark – A cupboard where the Torah Scrolls, which contain text of the Hebrew Bible is kept and a desk from which to read the Torah.


  1. An Eternal Light, burning before the Ark.


  1. Two Candelabras.


  1. Pews.


  1. A Bimah (Raised Platform) from which the scripture passages are read and from which services are often conducted. There are various forms of the bimah, depending on the type of Torah Scroll and the customs of each synagogue community.


Other furniture that may be found in a synagogue is a Cantor Pillar, which is sometimes used as a sermon stand for the rabbi or speaker to stand before the member of the synagogue.

Also, another piece of furniture that may be used as a stand for the rabbi to place his notes or books is a shtender, which is similar to a pulpit, lectern or podium.

We have many sermon stands, podiums and lecterns to serve your synagogue.

  1. NO 811, Church Wood Single Pulpit.

Church Wood Pulpit Single NO 811

  1. T-40, Portable Presentation Lectern, Speaker Stand.

Portable Presentation Lectern T-40 Speaker Stand

  1. NO 8301, Church Wood Pedestal Pulpit.

Church Wood Pulpit Pedestal NO 8301

  1. NO P102, Wood with Acrylic Pulpit.

Wood with Acrylic Pulpit NO P102

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