The Revolution In Valet Podiums Has Come

Valet podiums haven’t changed in decades, until now.

The valet podium has been invaded by a new revolutionary design.

With the traditional podium it required bending over to retrieve keys. This new design eliminates bending to retrieve keys.

This unique valet podium is modern in style, safe, secure, organized, easy to use and made to last in harsh conditions.

One of the functions of this podium is to streamline the flow of the valet attendants’ job, by making it more efficient and cost effective.

Two models are available: the 100 Key Slot and 200 Key Slot. Both come with a host of features, based on the model.  One unordinary feature is that it comes in four attractive colors; Black, White, Red and Blue.



This podium is a MUST for all Parking Ramps, Businesses, Hotel and Restaurant Environments.

Thank You for your time.

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