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Don’t Want To Break The Bank When Purchasing A Podium? 0

Then Don’t!

The first thing we need to know is the meaning of the word Budget.

Budget: Is the sum of money allocated for a particular purpose and the summary of intended expenditures along with proposals for how to meet them.

Customers call or e-mail us frequently, explaining to us that they need a podium, but are on a budget.

At Podiums Direct we are proud to have many styles of podiums and lecterns available under $500.00 that will fill your needs.

You many ask if these items are well made. Yes, they are and will serve you well in all your church, school or business presentations.

  1. ACRKD, Acrylic Lectern KD Clear with Shelf.

Acrylic Lectern KD Clear with Shelf

  1. T-35, Portable Presentation Lectern.

Portable Presentation Lectern T-35 Speaker Stand

  1. T-40, Portable Presentation Lectern.

Portable Presentation Lectern T-40 Speaker Stand

  1. KML6S, Metal Truss Contemporary Silver Lectern.

Metal Truss Lectern Contemporary Silver

We have many more cost-effective podiums and lecterns on our website at

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Sermon Stands, Podiums, Lecterns and Pulpits To Serve Your Synagogue Needs 0

A synagogue (or often called temple) is a Jewish place of worship, as well as a place to study and often serves as a community center.

These synagogues typically contain several prominent pieces of furniture, including:

  1. The Ark – A cupboard where the Torah Scrolls, which contain text of the Hebrew Bible is kept and a desk from which to read the Torah.


  1. An Eternal Light, burning before the Ark.


  1. Two Candelabras.


  1. Pews.


  1. A Bimah (Raised Platform) from which the scripture passages are read and from which services are often conducted. There are various forms of the bimah, depending on the type of Torah Scroll and the customs of each synagogue community.


Other furniture that may be found in a synagogue is a Cantor Pillar, which is sometimes used as a sermon stand for the rabbi or speaker to stand before the member of the synagogue.

Also, another piece of furniture that may be used as a stand for the rabbi to place his notes or books is a shtender, which is similar to a pulpit, lectern or podium.

We have many sermon stands, podiums and lecterns to serve your synagogue.

  1. NO 811, Church Wood Single Pulpit.

Church Wood Pulpit Single NO 811

  1. T-40, Portable Presentation Lectern, Speaker Stand.

Portable Presentation Lectern T-40 Speaker Stand

  1. NO 8301, Church Wood Pedestal Pulpit.

Church Wood Pulpit Pedestal NO 8301

  1. NO P102, Wood with Acrylic Pulpit.

Wood with Acrylic Pulpit NO P102

See our website at for all our styles that will fit your community.

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Modern and Casual Podiums For The Non-Denominational Church 0


In the atmosphere of the casual, comfortable and welcoming environment of a Non-Denominational Church a traditional pulpit or podium would look out of place.

A stylish, contemporary and/or modern podium would be best suited for these surroundings.

But to better understand why, we need to explore the history past and present of the Non-Denominational Church.

In the 20th Century Non-Denominational Churches started to appear in the United States in the form of independent churches.

These churches saw continuing growth, but in the 21st Century, it experienced significant growth, here in the United States and elsewhere.  In fact, it is the third largest Christian group in the United States, after the Roman Catholic Church and Southern Baptist.

The Non-Denominational Church seeks a unique and modern approach to Christianity and can adapt more readily to an ever-changing world.

Young people are attracted to these churches because of the freedom from strict church doctrine and rituals. Also, by people who feel they have been classified as outcast or undesirable by society.  The diversity found within the Non-Denominational Church is also attracting married person with differing religious beliefs or backgrounds.

With their casual and comfortable environment, these churches encourage people to come as you are (jeans, t-shirt, etc.) and join the diverse group of people and follow a policy of accepting followers from a wide range of religious backgrounds.

So, with all this in mind, we have many podiums and lecterns that will be just right for your church.

  1. NC10/NC10G, Prestige FOUNDATION Glass Pulpit. This pulpit designed and crafted in contemporary glass, allows your congregation an unhindered view of the worship service.

Glass Pulpit NC10/NC10G Prestige FOUNDATION

  1. ACRALM, Acrylic Lectern with Post. This acrylic lectern delivers great quality and style to your sanctuary.

Acrylic Lectern with Post

  1. Y-5, Contemporary Lectern and Podium.
Contemporary Lectern and Podium Y-5.
  1. PD-LCD, LCD Digital Display Lectern. Make an effective and powerful sermon or presentation with this LCD podium.

LCD Digital Display Lectern PD-LCD

  1. Metal Truss Lectern 4 Post Curved, Silver. This truss podium is perfect for your church.

Metal Truss Lectern 4 Post Curved. Color: Silver

Explore our website today at for all our modern and casual pulpits and podiums.

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Live Streaming… Now A Way Of Life 0

What is Live Streaming? It is the broadcasting of live video to an audience over the internet.

How long has Live Streaming been around? Believe it or not, Live Streaming has been around for more than 20 years.

What is its purpose? To engage, entertain and be of value.  Value is, what want or need does your content fulfill or what problem does it solve for the viewing audience.

Its popularity has grown now that churches, businesses, schools and social organizations have been disrupted by the Covid-19 crisis.

How popular is it? The latest statistics indicate that 63% of people between the ages of 18 – 35 are watching live streaming content regularly.

Live Streaming is a way for us to stay connected to each other in these uncertain times.

This medium affords businesses, churches, schools, social organizations and other entities the opportunity to reach and interact with customers, community members and people across the United States and the world. 

The goal is to bring information on new products, services, promotions, announcements, on-line classes, church and prayer services, wildlife viewing and much more to their viewers.

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Podiums For Any Size Space 0

You know we have Handcrafted Solid Hardwood to modern Acrylic podiums. But, did you know we have podiums that will fit in any space, small to large and anywhere in between.

When you think of a small podium or lectern, do you think of plain and simple styling? That may have been true a few years ago, but today there are many styles and designs available to fit within a space constraint.

Small lecterns or podiums are designed for clients who need a compact lectern that offers the same, impact, elegance and functionality as a full-size lectern, but with a smaller footprint.

  1. 702, Wood with Acrylic Pulpit w/Wings Proclaimer.

Wood with Acrylic Pulpit w/Wings 702 Proclaimer

  1. NC26, Prestige Glass 5 Panel Pulpit.

Glass Pulpit NC26/NC26G Prestige 5 PANEL

  1. FPL245, Non Sound Full Pedestal Lectern.

Non Sound Lectern FPL245 Full Pedestal

  1. ACRPET, Acrylic Lectern La Petite.

Acrylic Lectern La Petite

Just because you have a small area, doesn’t mean you can’t make an impressive and distinctive affect with a podium.

A large podium or pulpit is for the church or facility seeking a podium with presence to fill a large area.

This pulpit becomes the centerpiece and focal point that will invite and embrace the congregation or audience.

  1. 703, Wood and Acrylic Proclaimer Pulpit with Wings.

Wood with Acrylic Pulpit w/Wings 703 Proclaimer

  1. 810 CU, Church Wood Pulpit

Church Wood Pulpit Custom No. 810

  1. NC8WC/NC8CG, Prestige Glass Prestige Winged Pulpit.

Glass Pulpit NC8WC/NC8CG Prestige Winged PRESTIGE

  1. Kings, Acrylic Lectern.

Acrylic Lectern Kings

In conclusion, there are many sizes and styles of podiums, pulpits and lecterns to fit whatever size you have.

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Protect Your Podium Or Lectern Investment 0

Why not protect your podium or lectern investment, with an optional podium cover or travel/carrying case.

Podium covers, will preserve the finish, keep it free of dust and safeguard it from scratches and chips when not in use and it will be ready to go when you are ready to make a presentation.

Some of our podiums and lecterns have travel/carrying case available as an option.

The travel/carrying case is a worry-free way to protect your podium or lectern when not in use and also provides a safe way to transport it from one venue to another.

They are strong, rugged, sturdy and durable cases with most having heavy-duty handles, heavy-duty web straps and heavy-duty steel corners.

So, you can travel with your podium in confidence without fear of damage.  In addition to all this the case will stand up to wear and tear time after time.

Below are just some of the products we have that offer optional travel/carry cases.

  1. 6274-5891, Podium Cover.

Podium Cover


  1. Y-7.

Portable Presentation Lectern Y-7


Acrylic Lectern Clear with Open Back and Shelf

  1. PD-LCD.

LCD Digital Display Lectern PD-LCD

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